andy big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': The Final 4 is revealedIt’s time for a special eviction episode on “Big Brother 15.” For once on a Wednesday, we have no idea what is happening on the show because the feeds have been down since yesterday in order to tape tonight’s show.

However, now’s a great time to sign up for the feeds becuase they come back tonight and then tomorrow we get the final Head of Household part I, which is generally an endurance competition. On to the show!

Nomination Fallout

When we last left the hamsters, Spencer was HOH and had nominated GinaMarie and McCrae for eviction. Julie gives a live intro, but it’s to a flashback, not a check-in with the living room. She weirdly walks from one TV showing the living to another showing the exact same thing. That was odd.

Anyway. In this flashback to noms, McCrae is still the target and he knows he needs to win POV if he’s going to be safe this week. Meanwhile, the Exterminator men are talking about how if McCrae wins POV, Judd is the replacement nom, but GM is going home. Judd is disgruntled about the fact that Spencer doesn’t even seem to be considering putting Andy up as a renom.

What’s interesting is that everybody wants Judd gone after McCrae, but why wouldn’t you want him at the end? You can make the argument that he got a two-week break from the game and then got a chance nobody else got. He seems like a good person to be sitting next to at the end.

Before the POV, Andy and Spencer are smartly hedging their bets with McCrae, acting like the three of them are good to go for the end. McCrae doesn’t trust anybody, but Spencer and Andy are trying their best.

The Power of Veto Competition

The POV comp is superhero themed, with some harnesses and whatnot, plus Ian Terry is there to host. We thought for sure the returning winner would be Hayden Moss, to promote the fact that he’s on this year’s “Survivor” cast. But no, it’s Ian. And he doesn’t actually seem terribly thrilled to be there.

The competition is a puzzle with magnetic pieces. You have to hit a buzzer every 20 seconds or the board will drop all your pieces. GM is terrible at clock management, she gets a good jump on the puzzle several times and her pieces fall because she’s too slow going back to her buzzer.

Judd, rather awesomely, realizes he’s terrible and stops competing, then starts yelling at Andy to help him out. This makes Spencer mad, but it’s not a terrible strategy, actually. Having someone keep an eye on your clock is key. Two Exterminator should’ve stopped and been clock-watchers for the two other ones.

But it doesn’t matter, because in the end, McCrae wins. Well, there goes that Exterminator plan. And there goes GinaMarie’s leg — she has a cut that eventually requires nine stitches in the Diary Room. Ouch.

The POV Ceremony

Spencer tells GM that he wants her to stay over Judd and we don’t think he’s lying, but Spencer also doesn’t vote this week. However, we still feel fairly confident Judd is leaving. And Judd suspects as much, so he starts kind of losing it. Seriously, he didn’t help his cause this week at all because he became a whiny, crazy dude about leaving the house.

Andy acts like Judd acting this way is going to cause him to be eliminated, when it’s actually the other way around — though, like we said, this behavior is not helping him at all.

The sound editors get a little crazy with the helicopter sounds — it’s not like Judd’s been to ‘Nam, guys.

Predictably, at the POV meeting, McCrae saves himself and Judd is the replacement nominee. But before the meeting is adjourned, Judd declares he’s after McCrae in the hopes that Andy and Spencer will keep him. Um, OK.

McCrae DRs that Judd “threw him under the bus.” STOP USING THAT PHRASE INCORRECTLY, “BB” HAMSTERS. Saying you’re coming after someone is NOT throwing them under the bus. That phrase gets misused on this show ALL the time.

The Eviction

GM’s speech reflects that she knows she’s staying, while Judd’s reflects that he knows he’s going. Then he is evicted 2-0. He tells Julie he’s rooting for GinaMarie to win. We have to say, we’d be OK with that. A girl has never won this game when sitting next to a guy. Though we would argue Andy’s played the best game of the four people left in the house.

McCrae’s goodbye message says that Andy/Spencer wanted Judd out but McCrae didn’t. That’s true — McCrae wanted to vote GinaMarie out.

The Head of Household Competition

It’s the usual before/after competition, where the three competitors are on a giant wheel and can’t see each other, so we can see their answers from above. We feel like McCrae will be good at this, let’s find out.

It goes to a tiebreaker question when they each get five right. The question is in seconds, how long was the Super Veto competition from the starting horn to McCrae pressing his buzzer. We have no way of knowing that, but I’d guess 2000. But it’s 884 and Andy wins, both GM and McCrae went over.

Interesting. Who do you think Andy nominates? We think it’ll be McCrae and GinaMarie, but this week it really doesn’t matter. It’s all about POV. That person gets to decide who’s in the final three with Andy.

Tune back in to Zap2it later tonight when the feeds come back at midnight ET to find out who Andy has nominated.

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