big brother 15 sunday june 30 'Big Brother 15': The Moving Company is the first alliance formedTime for the first real episode of “Big Brother 15” — no more silly intros, now we get some game play. Bring it on, hamsters!

If you’re dying to find out what happens ahead of time, sign up for the live feeds. They’ve been chock full of action and drama so far this season.

Twist Fallout

We pick things up with the houseguests being all gobsmacked about the MVP and third nominee twist. Jeremy, don’t try to act like you understand “Big Brother” by saying this changes the game completely. Dude doesn’t even know Power of Veto rules (feed info).

He also says you have to be nice to everybody, which he will quickly prove he is unable to do. Then Aaryn ditzes, “I’m all for MVP because I’m going to get it more than once.” Don’t be so sure about that, crazy.

Showmance Central

Jeremy and Judd talk about how hot the girls in the house are — and they’re not wrong. This is a very good-looking cast. Jeremy then says he’ll have to have a snugglefest with each of the “beautiful ladies.” It’s kind of amazing he doesn’t say “beautiful b****es” because on the live feeds, he seems to find that word synonymous with “woman.”

Now Kaitlin, Aaryn and Jessie make up nicknames for their showmances. Aaryn’s David is Ken, Kaitlin’s Jeremy is The Sailor and Jessie’s Nick is “Big” (as “Sex and the City”).

Elissa’s Lips

In the HOH bedroom reveal, everybody starts talking about Rachel Reilly and how annoying she was. Elissa’s lips look pursed and consternated.

The Moving Company Forms

Nick and Jeremy decide Spencer, Howard and McCrae need to align in a five-person alliance. Jeremy is super pumped that an alliance has fallen into his lap again, especially since these guys seem to have brains and he knows he needs help in that regard (he may not actually know that). 

Nick goes around “handing out his invitations” to the five-guy alliance. People are going to have to watch out for Nick, he’s a thinker and he’s pretty low-key in regards to both plans and drama.

So, with an HOH meeting between all of them, Nick cements the Moving Company alliance. We will be referring to them as The MC from now on (Spencer is definitely the Opie).

Showmance Central II

David and Aaryn get together and it might be the most dysfunctional showmance in history. She immediately starts going bonkers about him paying ANY attention to anyone else. On the feeds, he talks to Elissa once and she freaks. He puts sunscreen on Jessie and she freaks. Aaryn is a lunatic, future boyfriends beware.

Meanwhile, Jessie likes both Nick and Jeremy and immediately belies both her age and her reading comprehension level by comparing herself to Bella in “Twilight” — actually, we probably give her too much credit. We meant “movie comprehension level.”

Remember, Jessie fancies herself the hottest girl in the house, which. Hmph. We would actually rank her in a tie for sixth. But we digress. Amanda is hilarious making fun of Jessie, though it’s delightfully ironic that she tells Jessie to just go sleep with McCrae.

Elissa’s Lips II

The jig is up about Elissa being Rachel’s sister, which blows what little mind David has. Really, who did she think she might fool? It was the first thought we had when we met her. Elissa really would serve herself well at this point by just owning up to it.

Have Not Competition

McCrae is hosting, dressed as a crazy scoutmaster. The backyard is decked OUT with a giant lake and campfire scene, it’s pretty spectacular. This competition is called “Cooler and the Gang.” They must race across the lake and jump into a freezing cooler to get a pop can. They must do it until they complete a pyramid of 15 cans, with two people holding the pyramid base by ropes.

The red team gets off to a bad start with Howard struggling to paddle across the lake in his innertube. Yikes. As Jeremy points out, perhaps Howard’s muscles are working against him. Then Judd struggles as well. Dude, you guys. Though McCrae’s running commentary is awesome — he’s such a BB superfan.

Aaryn’s panties practically burst into flames at the sight of David paddling across the lake — he “knows the water by heart,” y’all. Ughhhhh.

Then the red team drops their cans, so they have to start over. Wow. And then so does yellow, though now red has a pretty decent lead. Oh, ad PS — all the yellow girls are getting annoyed with Candice being bossy about their can-holding.

But all is well with the yellows when they come in second, which puts Judd, Howard, Elissa, Helen and Andy. They’re in the Airplane Room, which has airplane seats to sleep on. It’s really not the worst Have Not room in the world, honestly.

In the backyard later, the complaints come out about Candice, who apparently won’t listen to anybody and whatnot in the competition. Kaitlin says she’s got to go, but why in god’s name would you target a non-game-playing, bossy girl that no one seems to like? What kind of a threat is that?

Oooh, I would actually like oysters and okra if I were a Have Not. Two things I enjoy very much.

The Plotting Begins

Amanda wants to help control nominations, so she starts working her magic on McCrae. She is encouraging him not to go with the drama-makers right away and not to make too many waves, so she’s thinking Jessie (because nobody likes her). McCrae’s worried he’ll be wasting his HOH, but Amanda’s not wrong.

If you come out too strong, you’ll have a huge target on yourself when you’re NOT Head of Household in a few days.

Elissa’s lips confess to McCrae that she’s Rachel’s sister. Uh, no duh. He’s wondering if he should try to take her out — dude, you can’t yet. She keeps the heat off of you as long as everybody thinks she’s shady.

Aaryn and Jessie weirdly are saying Elissa and Helen should go up. Aaryn says Elissa might be here just to sabotage, but honestly, based on what Jessie and Aaryn say on the feeds, it’s based on jealousy and pettiness. Elissa and Helen don’t kiss Aaryn and Jessie’s behinds, plus they are good-looking, composed, mature women (say what you will about Elissa and her lips, because we like to joke too, those things are out of control, but she’s a composed grown up in the house), which Aaryn and Jessie are not and obviously feel very threatened by.

Girls who have not grown past junior high have a hard time dealing with actual grown-up women, it seems.

The Nominations

McCrae decides to nominate Candice and Jessie, which is probably not a terrible move. Neither of them have an alliance yet, plus they seem to be annoying people in the house.

Jessie acts cool as a cucumber in the Diary Room, but she’s actually pretty mad. Candice also kind of loses her mind a little about being on the block Week 1.

Meanwhile, Elissa’s lips are relieved.

Who do you think will be the first MVP? Find out on “Big Brother” on Tuesday night, or just sign up for the live feeds and get all the dirt early.

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