big brother 15 cast 'Big Brother 15': The MVP vote and Week 2 power rankingsThere’s one week down in the “Big Brother 15” house and the power players are definitely emerging. We’re going to break down the houseguests every week and talk about who we think should get MVP.

But don’t keep reading if you want to stay unspoiled as to who won Head of Household last night because that will be taken into account. But sign up for the live feeds if you’d like to watch all the craziness for yourself.

Zap2it’s Power Rankings

caveat — these rankings are based solely on game play, not any remarks players have been making in the house.

1. McCrae

This pizza delivery boy, who is one of only a couple “real” fans in the house, has quickly made a great place for himself in the game. He’s won competitions, so he’s proven to the viewers that he’s a competitor. He also orchestrated getting David, a big physical threat, out of the house without angering hardly anyone. In his ousting of David, McCrae further shored up Elissa’s loyalty while not making the house mad at him, plus he’s got the Moving Company alliance, while also being in tight with Judd and Amanda. McCrae is a gamer.

2. Jeremy

Jeremy is part of the Moving Company, but he kept David’s blood off his hands by voting to evict Elissa. So, he’s got his all-guy alliance, but he’s also in great with this week’s Head of Household, Aaryn, and her right-hand woman, Kaitlin. He has actually suggested to Aaryn that she put him on the block so he can for sure play for Veto, that’s how confident he is in his ability to stay in the house. And he’s probably right — though it would be pretty funny if the Moving Company sees him on the block as an opportunity to get out a huge threat and boots him. Time will tell on that.

3. Howard

This might be a controversial choice to put up so high, but Howard is playing an awesome stealth game. Everybody likes him, despite the fact that all you have to do is look at him to know he’s a huge threat in certain types of challenges. But he’s soft-spoken, doesn’t make waves and is firmly in the Moving Company without alienating anybody else who is not. Howard is in terrific shape.

4. Nick

Another Moving Company alliance member who is very popular in the house. He’s also playing a very stealth game — but maybe too stealth, which is why he’s below Howard. Nick, like, refuses to talk game with people and that makes them nervous. But overall, he seems to be in a good position so far.

5. Andy

Everybody seems to really like Andy, despite the fact that he’s the definition of a floater. But he’s not making any enemies and he actually came clean to Aaryn about voting to evict David. Most people are just lying to her about it, but she respects Andy for telling the truth. He’s in good shape.

6. Amanda

Amanda is relatively well-liked in the house, plus she’s McCrae’s Gal Friday, so that should keep her safe for a pretty long time. Amanda also seems like one of the savvier game players.

7. Spencer

He may be a Moving Company member, but he is
not really making friends around the house. He’s abrasive and can be
kind of a jerk and that’s going to make him expendable sooner than the
other MC members, maybe. It’s really hard to say.

8. Judd

Judd is not an official Moving Company member, but he’s extremely well-liked all over the house. He’d be higher if we felt like he had the wherewithal to get an alliance going, but so far, he seems content to float.

9. Kaitlin

Kaitlin is in great shape this week because her
BFF is HOH. We’re actually ranking her higher than Aaryn, though,
because Kaitlin is more well-liked in the house. Aaryn’s crazypants
behavior has a lot of the house gunning to get her out when she’s done
being HOH.

10. GinaMarie

GinaMarie is firmly ensconced in the good graces of Jeremy/Kaitlin/Aaryn, so she’s in good shape this week. She hasn’t really made enemies in the house, but the MC faction knows she’s not with them.

11. Aaryn

She won HOH and she will undoubtedly wield that power with grace and dignity. Not. She’s already letting it go to her head and is going to be in some trouble come next week, depending on who the next HOH is. So, while she’s in good shape this week, her overall game is not looking great.

12. Elissa

Elissa is hated by the Aaryn/Kaitlin/Jeremy
faction of the house, but the Moving Company & Friends half of the
house sees that she’s an asset as long as she keeps winning the MVP
award (which we bet she will again). So for now, even though Aaryn will
undoubtedly nominate her, either initially or as a replacement, Elissa
is probably safe.

13. Jessie

Jessie is another floater in the house, but since she has managed to reel in her crazy over not getting a showmance with Jeremy or Nick, she hasn’t been making any enemies. As long as she stays under the radar for a while, she might have time to shore up an alliance to go against the Moving Company. Now, whether she’s smart enough to do that? Remains to be seen.

14. Helen

This nice, mostly quiet mother is well-liked in the house — except by Aaryn and her two minions. For some reason, Aaryn really wants Helen to be on the block. To which we say, get your head in the game, doof. Helen is not a threat that needs to be taken out at this point. But Helen is definitely in jeopardy this week if she goes up against Elissa and the house wants to keep Elissa. A lot will depend on the MVP and who he or she nominates.

15. Candice

Poor Candice. She is disliked by almost the entire house, for reasons we can’t really figure out. Helen seems to be about her only friend and since they are likely to go on the block this week, we aren’t feeling good about Candice’s chances.

As for the MVP vote, we’ve gotta go with Elissa this week and we’re encouraging our readers to vote the same way. We think chances are good that Rachel’s fans will be voting for her like crazy, plus it will at least make for interesting drama in the face of her nemesis, Aaryn, winning HOH.

So, while we think McCrae’s game play has been the strongest so far, at this point in the game, it will probably be more fun for us as viewers if Elissa wins MVP again. You can cast your votes here.

What do you think, hamster fans?

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