judd helen big brother 15 2 'Big Brother 15': The widows might be in troubleJudd is the new Head of Household in the “Big Brother 15” house. Read on to find out where his head is at in terms of nominations, or just sign up for the live feeds to follow along with this week’s action for yourself.

It seems as though Judd has decided a solid secret alliance for himself is Elissa and Jessie. Not that he works with them together, per se, but keeping himself very close to each of them individually. It’s not a bad plan — if he could manage to get to the final three with those two, he’d win in a landslide.

Judd is also operating under the assumption that Elissa will get MVP this week, so the two of them have been talking about putting up Kaitlin and GinaMarie initially and then Aaryn as the MVP nom. No matter what he says to those three (“the widows”), it’s lip service. Those three appear to be the targets.

Out of the three of them, we would expect to maybe see Kaitlin go home. She’s a significantly bigger threat than the other two in competitions (she’s come very close to winning the last two HOHs, plus she killed that POV comp this week).

However, the houseguests don’t know that America is choosing the third nominee — which might turn out to be Aaryn anyway, she’s kind of hated outside the house. And McCrae and Amanda are working pretty hard on Judd to backdoor Howard, but he’s not sure that A) He wants to do their dirty work for them and B) That he wants a guy to leave for the fourth week in a row.

In other news, Jessie slept last night in the HOH bed with Judd (they’ve also been sharing a bed downstairs). We would not be surprised at all if they start smooching before Judd’s HOH reign is over.

Check back with Zap2it later today for the HOH noms and possible Have Not competition results.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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