big brother 15 cast 'Big Brother 15' Week 10 power rankingsThere are nine weeks down in the “Big Brother 15”
house, with four permanent jury members out the door. We’re going to
break down the houseguests every week for you, but sign up for the live feeds if you’d like to watch all the craziness for yourself.

Beware of spoilers
below, talking about who the new Head of Household is and who he or she
intends to nominate, based on what we’ve heard on the live feeds.

Zap2it’s Power Rankings
caveat — these rankings are based solely on game play, not any remarks players have been making in the house.

1. GinaMarie (last week 4)

GM just won Head of Household but that’s not the only reason she’s in the top slot this week. She just formed a new alliance called the Exterminators with Judd, Andy and Spencer, plus she and Elissa have become new friends, so GM is in a very good position both this week and next, even if whichever out of McCranda wins the next HOH. GM won’t be the target, that’ll be Elissa.

2. Andy (last week 5)

Andy balked at the Zingbot calling him a floater and he’s not *really* a floater — he’s been aligned with McCranda for a while now — but he definitely floats around the house, inserting himself into situations and relationships, always keeping in the good graces of whomever is in power. It is a darn good strategy and if he can get to the end, he might win the money because of it, because everybody really likes him.

3. Judd and Spencer (last week 2 and 3)

This week, all the Exterminators are in an extremely good position. One of their own won HOH and her target is McCranda, so they can all just sit back and relax because even if one of the noms wins POV, they’re still in good shape. The only reason these two are slightly lower than Andy is because they are not as well-liked as he is amongst the houseguests, we suspect. Judd is liked, but people also aren’t in love with the fact that he got a second chance and nobody else did or will, so we would expect Andy would have an edge over them to win the money.

4. Elissa (last week 1)

Elissa could not have asked for a better HOH this week. GM really likes her and will not put her up. If it were one of the male Exterminators, she might have more to worry about. As it is, even if one of McCranda comes off the block, we would not expect GM to risk losing Elissa and leaving McCranda in the house by putting up El as a replacement nominee.

5. McCranda (last week 6 and 7)

These two are in some trouble this week, but they are not expecting it, which means the live feeds should be a lot of fun tonight once the nominations are in. Amanda is already behaving like a complete jerk and we don’t expect that to change.

The reason they are tied is because the house has not decided which one of them is leaving yet. Obviously, POV could make that decision for the voting HGs, but Judd wants McCrae gone and Spencer wants Amanda gone.

It’s interesting that it’s not automatically Amanda. The way we see it, neither one of them is that strong in competitions, but Amanda is much better at manipulation than McCrae is, so you’d think they’d want her gone. Except now she’s kind of losing her mind in the house, which might be a good reason to keep her. Takes the heat off everyone else.

It should be fun to watch it all play out this week.

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