big brother 15 cast 'Big Brother 15' Week 11 Power RankingsThere are ten weeks down in the “Big Brother 15”
house, with six jury members out the door (all women so far). We’re going to
break down the houseguests every week for you, but sign up for the live feeds if you’d like to watch all the craziness for yourself.

Beware of spoilers
below, talking about who the new Head of Household is and who he or she
intends to nominate, based on what we’ve heard on the live feeds.

Zap2it’s Power Rankings
caveat — these rankings are based solely on game play, not any remarks players have been making in the house.

1. Spencer (last week 3)

The Exterminators hold all the power this week, but Spencer is no. 1 because he won Head of Household. This means that if McCrae does manage to save himself using Power of Veto, Spencer is the only one guaranteed to be safe. We’re actually kind of hoping McCrae does win POV because it’ll be interesting to see what happens amongst the Exterminators.

2. Judd (last week 3)

We don’t know for sure, but we suspect that A) Judd will not be an initial nominee next to McCrae and B) He won’t be a replacement nominee if McCrae comes down. We have a feeling that if/when the Exterminators split into two pairs, it’ll be Spencer/Judd versus Andy/GM.

3. GinaMarie and Andy (last week 1 and 2, respectively)

These two should be safe this week, but if McCrae takes himself off the block, it’ll be interesting to watch. Andy is a much savvier game-player, so he has a better chance of staying in that regard. However, being a much savvier game-player means he’s a bigger threat to win the game (we think, maybe not). So the guys might want to get rid of him and keep GM. It’ll be interesting to watch if it comes to that.

4. McCrae (last week 5)

McCrae is the target this week and if doesn’t win POV, he’s going home (at least, right now). A lot can change in the BB house within a week, so there’s always a chance he can wheel and deal and break up the Exterminators. But we suspect they’ll boot him, since McCrae has a great chance to win if he gets to the end. (Not because he’s played a great game, ’cause he hasn’t, but because he’s well-liked on the jury.)

Stay tuned here later to find out who Spencer nominates for eviction.

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