aaryn kaitlin big brother 15 'Big Brother 15': Week 2 MVP and some relationship updatesWeek 2 is off and running in the “Big Brother 15” house, so read on to find out who got MVP and what his or her plan is. Or it’s not too late to sign up for the live feeds. These hamsters are definitely good live feed material, we will say that much.

So, Elissa and Helen are on the block from HOH Aaryn. Helen has been reassured up, down and sideways that she’s the pawn, so expect her to go home this week. (We sincerely hope not, but pawns always seem to go home, right?)

elissa mvp week 2 'Big Brother 15': Week 2 MVP and some relationship updatesLuckily, Elissa won MVP again. Check out the picture below, production accidentally let it slip last night. You can flashback to it, 9:29 p.m. PT on camera 3. Whoopsie daisy.

Elissa’s plan is to put up Jeremy, which we think is smart. While she, Helen and Candice don’t really know for sure about the Moving Company, they do think there is an all-guy alliance that might be persuaded to get out a strong competitor.

That’s a really good play as long as Jeremy doesn’t win Veto. It’ll be interesting to see who else plays. If Jeremy does come off, Kaitlin is the back-up plan, with Nick as back-up plan no. 2.

Frankly, we think it’d be pretty awesome to see Jeremy blindsided the way David was. Jeremy acts like he’s some kind of mafia boss in the house. Aaryn’s HOH is clearly Jeremy’s HOH. He hardly ever leaves the HOH room and he completely ran the show yesterday when they were talking to people about who to nominate.

UPDATE: POV competition results here.

In other Jeremy/Aaryn/Kaitlin news, J/K are still, like, dry-humping every chance they get. But he has gotten uber-flirty with Aaryn and they were actually talking some smack about Kaitlin when she wasn’t around. If J/A are still in the house when Kaitlin leaves, expect to see them hooking up. Frankly, we would die if Jeremy made his move before Kaitlin was out. That would be amazing. Fireworks and drama!

Oh, and randomly Jeremy revealed his “number” to Kaitlin and Aaryn — it’s 23, but he wishes he would have stopped at 20 because that’s a good number to get married on. Whatever that means. Now he thinks he’ll stop at 25. So, Kaitlin, you can be lucky no. 24!

Speaking of drama, McCrae was his usual nice self last night and gave Jessie a pep talk because she basically has no friends/alliance in the house and she wants to go home (Psst — Helen and Elissa should really snag her), but anyway, afterwards, Amanda totally lost her mind on McCrae.

She calls him her “flirtmance,” even though they do more than flirt, and she got super jealous that he was talking to Jessie. She basically told him don’t ever talk to her alone again. Yikes.

So, that’s where we are this fine Saturday morning, hamster fans. Look for the Power of Veto competition results later today.

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