big brother 15 nick ginamarie 'Big Brother 15': Week 2 Power of Veto ceremony resultsWant to find out the state of the “Big Brother 15” house going into the next live eviction? Look no further — though sign up for the live feeds if you want to follow along for yourself.

As expected, POV winner Jeremy took himself off the block and the MVP (which is Elissa, everybody knows it) put up Nick in his place. We see this as a monumental mistake by Elissa, but she’s being lied to by a couple key players and it’s going to probably spell her demise in the game.

Andy, Judd, Amanda and Candice seem down to keep Elissa, but Spencer, Howard and McCrae really aren’t because their top loyalties still lie with the Moving Company. They’ve been acting like they want to keep Elissa in order to pacify everyone, but they aren’t really on board.

Therefore, Elissa’s best chance to stay was to nominate Kaitlin in Jeremy’s place. He had already been ruffling feathers by his strong-arm, bullying tactics where hew as threatening everybody in the house that if Kaitlin got evicted, he’d be out for blood. That right there would’ve been enough to boot her, both to spite Jeremy and to say, “We will not be intimidated by you.”

Secondly, we would have to think at least some of the Moving Company (minus Jeremy, of course) could have been convinced that Jeremy’s strongest ally needs to go in order to ensure his loyalty to them and not her.

Thirdly, both Aaryn and GinaMarie have expressed annoyance with Kaitlin and perhaps could have even been persuaded she was a good person to evict this week.

However, Elissa went with Nick as the replacement nominee and there’s no way the Moving Company will boot him over her. There’s also no way GinaMarie, Jeremy or Kaitlin will vote Nick out. That only leaves four votes in Elissa’s favor and that’s not enough.

Of course, there are a long couple days ahead before the live eviction on Thursday. Anything can happen — including Helen ending up going home, because sometimes that’s how it goes.

We’re pretty bummed by this turn of events, because we find the game more interesting with both Elissa and Nick in the house, but we also don’t want Helen to leave because she’s super nice and could potentially be a huge gamer if she’d play harder (because she’s very smart).

Of course, with Kaitlin still in the house, there’s always a chance for more sex in the HOH room, plus we can always dream about Jeremy messing things up by making his move on Aaryn (because he totally wants to make a move on her).

“Big Brother” airs Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on CBS.

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