jeremy kaitlin big brother 15 week 3 'Big Brother 15': Week 3 Power of Veto ceremony resultsRead on to find out how the Week 3 Power of Veto ceremony came out in the “Big Brother 15” house, or just sign up for the live feeds and watch how it all plays out for yourself.

So, after being nominated by Helen, Kaitlin won the Power of Veto. She used it on herself (thankfully. Not because we like her, but it is monumentally stupid to win Veto and not use it on yourself). Helen’s replacement nominee was Jeremy, leaving Aaryn, Jeremy and Spencer (MVP nom) on the block.

Jeremy is the target this week, but it’s only Monday. We would not be at all surprised if it gets to Thursday and someone else is looking like the evictee. Ever since his team fell out of power and the Moving Company disbanded, Jeremy has been playing a pretty masterful game (save his weirdo African fly comment that was apropos of nothing and kind of offensive).

But other than that comment, Jeremy has been doing major damage control in the house, unlike his cohorts. Kaitlin finally got her head in the game and has been working on the other side of the house, but Aaryn continues to be horrible to most houseguests (which puts a huge target on her back) and GinaMarie still will not shut up about Nick going home.

It doesn’t make GM a target this week, but it is getting on everybody’s nerves (Aaryn included, who is her BFF in the house).

It certainly would be interesting if Jeremy flips the house and gets Aaryn out (which wouldn’t actually be that hard) or gets Spencer out (which would prove trickier).

We actually don’t particularly care for any of the people on the block, so it doesn’t really matter to us who goes home. Even though we don’t like Jeremy much as a person, we love to watch someone whose back is against the wall fight to stay, so we’ll be rooting for some good game play this week from Jeremy.

What do you think, hamster fans? Who do you think will go home?

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