jessie andy big brother 15 'Big Brother 15' Week 7 elimination live blog: Jessie Kowalski or Spencer Clawson, who's out?It’s live blog elimination time for Week 7 in the “Big Brother 15” house. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that it’s not looking great for Jessie this week. In fact, we expect her to be evicted unanimously.

The real fun begins with the new Head of Household competition, which is crucial to the balance of power in the house right now. If Helen doesn’t win it, Amanda will be gunning hard for her to go home. It’s a great time to sign up for the live feeds, because they’re always lively after an elimination.

Join us here at 9 p.m. ET/PT for our live blog. All times Eastern.

9:04 — Julie welcomes us to the show in her “Troop Beverly Hills” best. Seriously, most weeks we adore Chenbot and her attire, but what is happening tonight. *waves hand at screen* What is going on here?

9:06 — The show would have you believe that Jessie thinks she’s the pawn this week and then she starts to get suspicious. Well, sure, like three days ago. Jessie knew she was going home a while ago and she proceeded to be totally crazy.

9:10 — Jessie rightly says that Helen wanted to get Amanda out just like Jessie did, so since Jessie doesn’t like it that Helen is backpedaling now, she’s going to expose Helen. Though it’s not really news to Amanda — she and McCrae are onto Helen and are gunning for her if they win HOH tonight.

— Jessie laments how much Helen effed her, but honestly, Jessie effed herself this week by stirring up so much crap, plus Jessie was toast anyway.

9:20 — We can’t really understand why it’s so imperative to get Jessie out, but she certainly is doing herself no favors by being so crazy this week. Though it’s made the live feeds lot more fun.

9:22 — Now we get the rather awesome Aaryn/GinaMarie fight, which seemingly came out of nowhere. Aaryn is pretty fed up with GM and GM decides she needs to be kind of a pill about it. It actually has nothing to do with Jessie and more to do with the fact that Aaryn is over her friendship with GM.

9:26 — They can all agree that Judd was awesome, so that’s why they were bawling over evicting him. Yes, yes, sniffle sniffle.

9:27 — We would disagree that there have been “lots” of big moves, Helen. And the only way this thing gets super exciting is if someone targets Amanda again. So, get to steppin’ on the Amanda thing.

9:30 — Time for eviction speeches, which are dumb because everyone knows which way the wind is blowing. These unanimous votes are good game play (we get it), but they’re so boring. It was good of Julie to call them out about it.

9:35 — To no one’s surprise, Jessie is evicted 6-0.

— Jessie doesn’t look terribly sincere in hugging anybody. Oh Andy, stop blubbering, you big dope.

9:42 — Jessie teases to Julie that maybe we can look forward to Helen vs. Amanda in the coming weeks. From your lips to God’s ears, Jessie. Seriously.

9:44 — Amanda’s pretty sure of herself in her goodbye message. Somebody take her down!

9:50 — Crucial HOH, very exciting stuff here. The comp is a face-off where they name a song that describes a competition. They have to identify it by HOH/Have Not/POV.

9:51 — In a bit of a surprise, GM easily beats Helen and knocks her out. Wow. So there goes that. Then Spencer knocks out Elissa. Huh.

9:52 — McCrae eliminates GM, then Aaryn knocks out Spencer, which means she’ll face off the winner of Amanda/McCrae. McCrae seems to maybe throw the face-off to Amanda, but it doesn’t matter because Aaryn beats Amanda in the finals. Wow. Aaryn has been HOH four times now!

9:55 — Will this be an interesting week? Aaryn has her 3 a.m. alliance, but she also would do well to keep Helen on her side if she wants Helen’s jury vote in the end. So who do you think she’ll nominate?

— A juror is returning next week during the live eviction next week, Jessie, Candice, Judd or the person evicted next week will have a chance to come back by competing live during the show. Interesting.

Check back here tomorrow to find out who Aaryn nominates. Our money is on Elissa and Spencer.

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