p1000255 'Big Brother 15' Week 8 elimination live blogIt’s time for another hamster to be evicted from the “Big Brother 15” house — but in a fun twist, the first four jury members will be competing to re-enter the house. The online consensus seems to be Judd that everyone wants to see as the returning hamster.

As for the Head of Household, we would imagine that we won’t see it on tonight’s live show, so sign up for the live feeds to watch later tonight and find out who is the next HOH. It’s another biggie, as the hamsters are being whittled down and some are realizing just how dangerous Amanda is.

In fact, just today on the feeds GinaMarie and Andy started talking about flipping the house to evict Spencer. But like the two numbskulls that they are, they brought Aaryn into the conversation (who has no power, not even a tiebreaker vote) and she talked them out of it because she is terrified of Amanda — the person who has won exactly zero comps this entire summer.

Join us here at 9 p.m. ET/PT for a live blog of all the elimination fun.

9:00 — Julie welcomes us to the festivities looking a darn sight better than last week’s weird brown shift. In fact, she’s quite fetching in black and white. Welcome to “Big Brother”!

9:03 — After a bazillion previouslies (don’t those always seem silly when we just watched the show last night), the show informs us there will be an HOH tonight. Hmm. We were not expecting that. Do you think it’ll be endurance?

9:05 — Julie saying Helen is “armed with tears and promises” is a very succinct way of summarizing Helen’s entire strategy. Heh.

9:10 — Andy has turned into quite the adept little liar, telling Helen that she’s got his vote. Helen says she’s good at reading people because she works in politics, but, um, no. If you were really good at reading people, you would’ve gotten Amanda out one of the two times America put her on the block, doofus. You are scrambling now exactly because you couldn’t read the house very well.

9:11 — McCrae’s exactly right that Helen is as pushy as Amanda is. They aren’t pushy in the same way, but they are both the same amount of pushy.

— Now, the word “bully” gets tossed around way too easily nowadays. But Amanda is really, really bossy and she’s very manipulative. Though she is right that Helen’s just mad that Amanda beat her at her own game. 100 percent. But yeah, Amanda wants what she wants and she gets really, really whiny/bossy/annoying when she isn’t getting it. Everyone is weirdly afraid of her.

9:15 — Can we all stop acting like lying and manipulation are so offensive? That’s how you play a game like this. It’s all about who can Jim Jones the house the best and this season, that is Amanda so far. Also, we must give credit to Helen for hustling so much this week, even though it really is a lost cause. Nobody has the guts to move against Amanda yet when either she or McCrae could be the next HOH.

9:21 — The hamsters are treated to footage of the POV comp, where Elissa was such a beast. It was admittedly pretty awesome. But enough with the shenanigans, it’s time to vote!

9:23 — Based on the hamsters wearing exercise-like clothing, we suspect it’ll be an endurance HOH, so sign up for the live feeds to watch.

9:25 — Helen is evicted in a 4-1 vote, with Elissa as the only dissenter.

9:29 — Helen is informed she is evicted and there are hugs all around, everyone seems to genuinely like Helen. And she is incredibly gracious and enthusiastic in her exit speech.

9:33 — Julie rightly points out that Helen should’ve taken advantage of Amanda being on the block and wonders what was so scary about Judd. Yeah, no kidding. You biffed on that, Helen.

— The bomb is dropped that Helen might get to return to the house and she is super excited! Then she wonders if she can eat first, ha!

9:40 — Julie takes us to the jury house, where we discover that the returning jurors (minus Helen) have been chilling there together for two weeks. Huh. We assumed they were being kept separately so they couldn’t talk about their fellow houseguests. Interesting.

9:42 — One reason we’re rooting for anyone but Candice to return is because we think they’ll target Amanda, which will be amazing and fun to watch. Candice will go after GinaMarie and that’s boring.

9:45 — The four jurors come in the house and it’s a giant hugfest, though Amanda and McCrae immediately start trying to do damage control with Judd. Those two are so sneaky.

9:50 — This returning comp is combined with the HOH comp, which is actually kind of annoying. The returning jury member should get to be in the race for HOH.

9:52 — Spoke too soon! The jury member who returns can win HOH. They have to catch 10 balls without falling off the wall and first one to do it wins.

9:54 — This is a fun endurance because not only is it a waiting game, but there’s also some serious skill involved. If you’d like to keep up with our HOH live blog, come on over here and join us, or just sign up for the live feeds to watch for yourself.

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