aaryn mean girl big brother 15 'Big Brother 15' Week 9 eviction live blog: Is Aaryn Gries on her way out the door?Time for the live eviction for Week 9 in the “Big Brother 15” house. Andy Herren and Aaryn Gries are on the block and it’s not looking great for Aaryn.

Meanwhile, we’re much more interested in what happens in tonight’s Head of Household competition. Elissa can’t play, so she’s gotta be hoping GinaMarie or Judd win, while McCrae and Amanda could be in some trouble if they don’t win.

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9:00 — Oooh, Julie Chen, we love your purple dress tonight! You look fetching.

9:05 — We pick things up with Amanda’s lovely comment to Elissa that she’s “trash.” Andy claims he is going to be ditching McCranda and we think that’s a smart move — they brought him far and that was a good strategy for him, but now he’s got to break away. As he said last night, he’s not playing for third place.

9:07 — Meanwhile, Amanda continues to be a complete boil-your-bunny psycho. “I will not be IGNORED, Elissa.” Also, this week could really not have gone any better for Amanda, considering that someone she’s not aligned with got HOH, so why is she being so jerky? And again, let’s not throw the plastic surgery stones, Implants McGee.

9:08 — Furthermore, the fact that Amanda thinks this wretched behavior is “standing up” to Elissa is disgusting. Elissa isn’t walking around acting like queen of anything (and we can say that is true from watching the feeds). Amanda’s just an a-hole who can’t handle someone who A) she can’t control and B) won’t rise to her crazy bait.

9:10 — Now we have the formation of The Exterminators. We have to say — while Judd, Andy, Spencer and GM haven’t been super gamers thus far, it’d be pretty satisfying at this point to watch them knock out McCranda and Elissa. What a terrific flip.

9:11 — Meanwhile, Amanda and Aaryn cry about how they can’t save Barbie this week. Boooooo hooooo.

9:12 — Aaryn goes to work on staying in the house, but spoiler alert: nobody really wants to keep her around. She’s a strong competitor and she’s done nothing but Amanda’s bidding for weeks, so why should they keep her? Also, kudos to CBS for finally showing Amanda being a lunatic.

9:15 — Aaryn strangely decides her best course of action is to tell McCranda that Spencer is targeting them. What good does that do anybody? That won’t get Spencer’s vote and he’s not on the block! McCranda can’t vote him out this week! But people who think they’re leaving like to stir the pot for no reason.

9:16 — Aaryn does make a good argument to McCranda to keep her — she’s a big target to keep in the house. However, she needs three votes and making Spencer mad is not going to help you get that third vote.

9:20 — Dan’s here, I don’t really care that much. He’s great and all, but I just don’t care about what formers HGs think about the game.

9:22 — Dan does call Amanda a brat, though, and that’s a very good descriptor of her.

9:24 — Time to revisit showmances. Brenchel are married, which is very lovely for them (truly), but that ring she has on is hideous. “Hopefully soon we’ll have ‘Big Brother’ babies!” Yikes.

9:25 — Dani Donato is married to Dominick?! How did I not know this?! Also, digging Dani’s toned down hair.

9:26 — Gotta love how Jeff makes fun of Jordan being dumb all the time, that’s love. Ughhhhh, cannot stand Jeff. Jordan, you sweetie pie, you can do better.

9:30 — Amanda defends her behavior by saying that Elissa “pushed her buttons” and that now the houseguests have learned not to do that. Boy, way to take responsibility for your own actions, Amanda.

9:34 — Time to vote. We expect a 5-0 vote to evict Aaryn, since she told even GM not to ruin her game by throwing Aaryn a pity vote.

9:36 — Aaryn is out unanimously. This exit interview should be interesting. And just FYI, we have not been asked to interview any forthcoming jury members over email, so we will not have an exit interview with Aaryn.

9:40 — Don’t expect Julie Chen to be anything less than professional with her exit interview, but we hope she doesn’t go too easy on Aaryn, particularly since just last night Aaryn was doing her “Chinese nail lady” voice.

9:42 — Aaryn receives boos from the audience, heh. But Julie has to talk game first, asking her about doing McCranda’s dirty work and then her volatile relationship with Elissa. It’s not terribly interesting.

9:43 — Julie brings up the racist stuff and Aaryn says, “Being Southern, it’s a stereotype. I have said some things tha thave been taken completely out of context and wrong. I do not mean to ever come off racist. That’s not me and I apologize to anyone that I have offended.” Oh, sweetie. You have NO idea what is in store for you.

— Julie reads back to her some of the stuff she’s said and Aaryn has no idea about anything. Oh, this girl. Like, I am not excusing her, but I feel bad for her just for what she will have to face outside the house. She brought it on herself, but … wow. She’s just ignorant and kind of thoughtless and she’s in for a rude awakening. It’s a hard way to learn a very important lesson.

9:52 — Time for the live HOH. Wow, not much time. Surely they won’t do an endurance two weeks in a row.

9:55 — We stand corrected, it’s an endurance. So join us here at our new live blog to follow along, or just sign up for the live feeds to watch for yourself.

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