p1000213 'Big Brother 15' Week 9 Head of Household competition live blogThe “Big Brother 15” houseguests are competing in an endurance Head of Household tonight, along with the four potential returning jury members. It’s a combo competition — a jury member can win HOH, or there will be a returning jury member but someone else is the HOH. It all depends who catches 10 balls first.

We’ll keep you updated here until we have a new HOH, so keep checking back. Or just sign up for the live feeds to watch for yourself. This week’s HOH is pretty crucial as to where the balance of power lies in the house.

All times Eastern.

10:01 — The feeds are on trivia, but we’ll let you know as soon as they’re back. Settle in guys, this could be a long one!

10:08 — It’s still on trivia, sorry gang. We hope we get to watch some of this.

10:16 — This is ridiculous, CBS. This is why we pay for the feeds, what gives?

10:26 — Feeds are back, it looks like McCrae and Spencer are out?

10:31 — All four jury members are in it and Jessie has four balls. Meanwhile, Andy, Spencer and McCrae have all fallen off. It’s hard to see ball totals of the non-jury HGs.

10:33 — It looks as though Elissa has 5, Amanda has 4 and GinaMarie has 3 balls. Jessie has 4 as well, Judd 3, Candice 2 and Helen 1.

10:36 — Feeds are back and the totals appears to be the same.

10:38 — Spoke too soon! Jessie fell and she had the most jury member balls (heh). Ouch. She tells Amanda “f*** you, I hate you” on the way out. Also heh.

10:40 — Helen caught a ball, so she’s got 2 and Candice has 2, Judd has 3. Sign up for the live feeds now to follow along with all the action.

10:42 — Who do you hope comes back, Helen, Judd or Candice? At this point, we hope it’s Helen or Judd. Candice is way too focused on GM and GM is not a threat of any kind.

10:44 — As an insane “super fan” runs through the “game,” Helen and Judd each catch another ball, so they’re at 3 and 4, respectively. The non-jury HGs appears to be the same.

10:47 — Back from trivia again, Elissa 5, Amanda 4, Judd 4, Helen 3, Candice 2 and GM 4, GM just caught one. Boy, this is definitely slow and steady wins the race. The balls are tough to get if they aren’t coming right at you, you don’t want to risk falling off trying to go for a hard one.

10:55 — Interestingly, the jury HGs are talking about what’s been going on in the house. Helen informs Judd that the same people are still together, but that GM tried to save her this week, so be kind to her if he goes back in the house.

10:56 — GM has a ball removed from her holder because it bounced before she caught it, so she only has 3 now.

10:58 — This competition has a weird effect, it is both making me really bored and really nervous.

11:00 — When the sprinklers are on, Elissa keeps trying to lean/duck out of the way. Girrrrrrl, you better be careful doing that. She is just asking to fall off accidentally and she’s in the lead right now!

11:02 — Every once in a while, the balls come at them really fast and hard. Ouch. Sign up for the live feeds to watch all the fun for yourself.

11:04 — Elissa is up to 6 balls, Judd and Amanda are in second place with 4 each.

11:07 — Judd is returning to the house! Helen and Candice fell in quick succession. But he’s still up there because he can still win HOH. Good thing he didn’t freak out and jump off in celebration, ha. He tells the HGs he wants to start a “clean slate” with everybody.

11:09 — Elissa almost falls off trying to get a ball, she slips and falls right on her butt. But she gets back up. Wow, that made my heart race! Hahahaha.

11:11 — Judd has caught another ball, so he’s got 5. Elissa has 6, Amanda 4 and GM 3. We’re rooting for Elissa and Judd right now.

11:13 — Sounds like Judd is saying that in the jury house, they weren’t allowed to talk game unless the cameras were rolling? Because of returning to the house? Hmm.

11:15 — Elissa is up to 7 balls. Meanwhile, Judd apologizes for not hugging Elissa when he was evicted. He also tells them he did not sleep with Jessie in the jury house and that he had to listen to Oprah stories for two weeks (via Candice). Hahahaha.

11:18 — Judd has fallen off, so no HOH for the returning jury member. Meanwhile, GinaMarie is just now asking if they can hold on to their ball holder. Duh, lady. Everybody has been doing it. Pay attention.

11:20 — This comp is going to give me a stroke. In quick succession, Amanda caught a ball, then Elissa made a sick one-handed catch, then the pedestal started going crazy and both Amanda and Elissa were flung off and only stayed up because they were hanging on their ball holders. Both got back on, so it’s still Elissa 8, Amanda 5 and GM 3.

11:23 — We never thought we’d be rooting so hard for Elissa, but she’s been a total beast in this competition. Talk about turning it on lately. She’s just gotta keep her head in the game for two more balls.

11:25 — The sprinklers start up again. Girls, you better be careful. This so nerve-wracking. Sign up for the live feeds to watch the end of the comp, plus if Elissa wins, the feeds should be a lot of fun the next couple days.

11:30 — Feeeeeeds, come baaaaaaack! Seriously, my little heart cannot take this suspense.

— Elissa is up to 9 balls, Amanda at 6 and GM still at 3. One more ball, Elissa!

11:33 — Elissa wins HOH! She’s the winner. We wonder if there are any bushes for Amanda to cry in tonight?

Thus concludes our live blog, because feeds will be off for a little while as they clean up from the competition and stuff. Check back here in the AM for updates on the night’s activities and tomorrow afternoon to find out who Elissa puts on the block.

If she’s smart, she gets Spencer and Judd to work with her against McCranda, with Andy as the backup nominee in case one of them wins POV. But we’ll see what she does.

Thanks for joining us!

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