David Girton, a surfer dude from San Diego, is one of the latest houseguests for “Big Brother.” He tells Zap2it that he’s totally down for a showmance, he’s ready to lie to get to the finals — but there’s one thing he isn’t willing to do.

Zap2it: What’s your strategy going into the house?

David: The strategy I’ve been telling everybody is I’m going to be chill,
laidback, go with the flow at first, take all the competitions, like,
strive for ’em.

Z: So, you want to win the first Head of Household competition?

D: Yeah. Gotta represent San Diego and what I’m all about yeah.

Z: Would you be down for a showmance?

D: Pretty much. I’m gonna go all the way with it. … It might be a little under the weather, I’m gonna like not go with the whole like thing right away, but yeah, I’m down for it.

Z: What types of people do you hope are not in the house?

D: Arrogant, show off, know-it-alls, wear too much makeup. I feel like I’m the first [houseguest] that’s full-on laidback, chill. I’m like the West Coast Frank.

Z: Are you going to try to play a clean game, or are you going to do whatever it takes?

D: I’m down to lie and stuff, but I’m gonna like do it like in a different way, like there’d be like this other team and they think like he’s like this stand-up guy and like chill and you’d never expect it out of me, he’s got these gorgeous blue eyes, like what is he telling us right now.

Z: Is there anything you aren’t willing to do to win?

D: Cut my hair. If it was down to final 3, I would do it, but if it’s in the middle, no way.

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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