jeremy mcguire big brother 15 evicted 'Big Brother 15's' Jeremy McGuire: Spencer 'is a coward in my eyes'Jeremy McGuire was the third strong male player in a row evicted from the “Big Brother 15” house. He tells Zap2it that it was still a great experience, even though he’s not sure if he sees a future for himself and Kaitlin, his showmance inside the house.

Are you glad you went on Big Brother, even if you went out so early?

I am very glad. I love opportunities and this was a great opportunity. Even though I left early, I left with my head up, so, it was a good experience.”

If you could start over, would you do anything differently with your game play?

“Yes. I would’ve been a little more humble and gracious with my winnings. I still would’ve played hard and won everything, but I would’ve been a little less cocky.”

Since leaving the house, have you seen or heard much about the backlash against certain houseguests for the racial comments made inside the house?

I have not. I’ve gotten a little run through, but I have not really seen too much of it. When you’re inside the house, you don’t see what the outside sees.”

Aaryn and GinaMarie are the main ones getting heat outside the house — what do you think about that? Do you think it’s deserved?

“I’m not really quite sure. I can’t speculate too much on that. I think that they were nice to me [in the house], but that’s all I can really say about that. I don’t really know too much about what’s going on. I don’t know if I heard too much of it. I did hear a few little racial things, but I don’t know how bad it is.”

Are things with Kaitlin for real? Will you be trying to have a real romance with her outside the house?

“They were definitely real. I would love to have a relationship with her outside the house, but realistically, I don’t know if it’ll be happening. We live in two different states. Long distance doesn’t work. We’ll just have to see. Maybe one of us will make a big move and we’ll be closer, but I don’t know. I do like her a lot though, I fell hard for the girl.”

Who do you think is the strongest player in the game right now?

“Now that I’m gone, I honestly think that Kaitlin is one of the strongest players in the game. Her or Andy. Andy’s sitting pretty right now. He made friends with all the right people and no one’s really targeting him.”

Do you think Kaitlin has a chance to go far? She doesn’t have a big alliance in the house.

“I think Kaitlin has a great chance at winning for the fact that 1) I’m not there to put a target on her back, 2) She’s a strong player and 3) Everybody told her that if she took herself off the block, she would be  protected by the bigger alliance. I think she’s in a good spot in the house right now. She did what she had to do and I respect that.”

Who do you think is the weakest player in the house?

“Weakest, as in the one that’s going home next? Or weakest, as in a coward? I would have to say Spencer and Howard are the weakest, but I think that Aaryn might be the one going home next.”

We meant more weakest game play.

“Probably Spencer. It’d be a big toss up between Spencer and Aaryn for sure. He is a coward in my eyes. He had a good thing going and he backed out of it just because he was scared of the MVP and what they would do. He’s not very physically athletic in any of the competitions and a lot of people in the house don’t like him right now, so it’s not looking good for him.”

Would you go back on “Big Brother,” if asked?

“Heck yes!”

“Big Brother” airs Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on CBS. 

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