aaryn gries julie chen big brother 15 'Big Brother 15's' Julie Chen: Aaryn Gries has 'a lot of growing up to do'Julie Chen recently sat down with HuffPost Celebrity to talk about Aaryn Gries, the controversial “Big Brother 15” contestant who has made headlines all summer for the racist and homophobic remarks she made inside the house.

Chen talks about her exit interview with Gries, where she did not pull any punches in talking about Gries’ time in the house.

“What ended up happening was she was somewhat aware that what she did in the house was really frowned upon by the public because the live audience was heckling her,” says Chen. “And I thought I’m surprised that she is staying composed and at least attempting to answer the questions. That made me impressed that she wasn’t just like, ‘I never said that.'”

“She did say, ‘If I offended anyone, I apologize.’ And I thought thank goodness you said that, for your own good. But then she said, ‘But, I’m from Texas and that’s how we talk in Texas.’ and I thought, ‘womp womp,'” says Chen. “She lost me when she had the ‘but.’ What was going through my mind — and I didn’t say it because it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to say it — no, that’s not how everyone in Texas speaks.”

“One of my oldest friends from college is an anchor in Austin, Teaxas and she emailed me and said, ‘Wow, your contestant, your houseguest has been like the lead story every day for a week and a half.’ and I said, ‘What is the buzz over there?’ and she said, ‘Oh, this town has disowned her. We are ashamed.'”

“I couldn’t tell her all that kind of stuff, that’s not the time or place. She will find out later on. But I thought she has a lot of learning to do and lot of growing up to do,” says Chen. “I think when she gets out of the jury house … she will realize. She’ll watch the tapes. You can’t tell me if you’re a normal human being watching those tapes you’d say, ‘I see nothing wrong with what I said or did.'”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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