elissa big brother 15 'Big Brother 15's' MVP twist   a couple suggestionsCBS added a new twist to “Big Brother” this year — the addition of an MVP, elected by America via an online vote each week. The MVP’s power is to place a third nominee on the block, in addition to the Head of Household’s nominees. If the MVP nominee wins Power of Veto, the MVP makes the replacement.

In implementing this twist, CBS did two things right. Firstly, they made it anonymous. Only the MVP knows who he or she is and can choose to tell, or not to tell, at his or her discretion. This is one aspect to the twist we were worried about and CBS was a step ahead of us.

Secondly, they did not make anyone ineligible based on his or her position in the house — therefore, a nominee could be MVP or the HOH could be MVP. It’s nice that someone could be strategizing while also on the block or in the HOH position.

However, they did one thing wrong and, due to the make-up of the houseguests this season, it has caused the show to have to change the MVP twist already.

CBS did not institute a rule that says one cannot win MVP in back-to-back weeks, like with the HOH. While in a season with a truly all-new cast that might not make any difference, it has made a tremendous difference since Elissa Slater is included in this year’s cast.

Elissa is the sister to former “Big Brother” winner Rachel Reilly, which means she has a popular former houseguest (with nearly 130,000 Twitter followers) drumming up MVP votes for her outside the house. The other houseguests cannot possibly compete with that, which means Elissa has won MVP each of the first three weeks of the game.

That’s boring — though we will credit CBS with not fudging the results (since we suspect if someone ELSE had “won” MVP, it would’ve been because CBS fudged).

However, Elissa being in the house took an interesting twist and immediately made it kind of weak, because everybody knows as long as Elissa is in the game, she will get to make a nomination each week. They might as well have just not instituted the MVP and instead just told the houseguests that Elissa gets to nominate someone each week regardless of anything else.

Sure, some of the hamsters have tried to act like Elissa’s not MVP and deflect suspicion, but everybody knows she is.

Now we’re in Week 4 and CBS has had to change the rules — America is “MVP” this week and we get to name the third nominee. While we fully expect that to be Aaryn, based on the hated of her we’ve seen online, it would probably make the game a lot more interesting if America nominated Elissa and she got evicted.

Of course, due to Elissa being MVP so much, her alliance is now fairly large and the chances of her getting ousted are probably pretty slim even if America does put her on the block. So, now CBS is in a bit of a pickle — Elissa will continue to ruin their twist as long as she’s in the house, but she’s in no danger of getting evicted any time soon. What are they to do?

Maybe this is what CBS wanted all along (or is at least OK with). But we don’t think so.

The MVP twist is definitely something we’d like to see continue, but only on two conditions — the cast has to be ENTIRELY new. No retreads, no relatives. It’s an unfair advantage. Secondly, it’d be nice if MVP couldn’t be won in back-to-back weeks, though as we said, maybe with an entirely new cast, that wouldn’t matter. Maybe the MVP would change every week.

What do you think, hamster fans? Stay tuned here at Zap2it for the HOH nominations for this week and the Have Not competition results, or just sign up for the live feeds to watch for yourself.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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