“Big Brother 15”
is a mere six days away from premiering and we’ve got interviews with this year’s hamsters to whet your appetite for the upcoming season. On deck right now is Nick Uhas, who is definitely one of the more colorful characters this summer.

“Variety is the spice of life. I want to be picante, I want to be get as
spicy as possible, do as much as I possibly can. ‘Big Brother’s’ a huge
experience,” Uhas tells Zap2it. “I made this committment New Year’s Eve to use my full potential. … I wanted to do one thing that was everything … ‘Big Brother’ is the ultimate challenge. It’s physical, mental, emotional and you’ve never done it before, I guarantee it.”

As far as strategy goes, Nick says that he’s going to definitely rely on his social game and hopefully get a four-person alliance going.

“Social game is the most valuable and I don’t want to say most overlooked, but people tend to behave like it means nothing. Don’t cause drama, don’t piss anyone off, don’t be an absolute raving lunatic,” says Nick.

“You get put up on the block, don’t show your cards! Oh, cry about it? Hey, there’s no time to cry in ‘Big Brother.’ Start working! Start hustling! You have three days to make this s*** happen. If I get put on the block, I’m not going to think, ‘I’m going to go home,’ I’m going to think, ‘It’s time to start work now.’ Let’s do this s***. It’s another challenge.”

A team of four is by far the best … a team of four with a floater five is prime. You want people that are as close to normal as possible and get the idea of how this game is played, i.e., let’s not tell anybody, let’s not be seen together too much, let’s work on this. The wolfpack, four people, rock ‘n roll.”

But what might be his downfall? Nick says the ladies might be trouble.

“Showmance — absolute Achilles’ heel, I’m a sucker for chicks. 100 percent will fall head-over-heels for a girl in like four seconds, so going in I have totally tried to fire-guard, like a little horse, blinders. I want to go in there with that. I just know that that is going to be half the battle. … There’s always mega-cuties, always! We’ll see,” says Uhas.

He also tells us that he’s going to try not to lie too much, but that lying and backstabbing are all a matter of perspective.

“Your word is your currency. Lying is hyperinflation of your own currency, so do not be pre-World War II Germany ’cause you’re gonna go down in flames,” says Nick. “You have to hold on to your currency as long as possible. Lying in this game is exceedingly non-beneficial … there is a way to not lie, there is a game you can play where you don’t have to strictly lie, outrageously lie for no reason. That’s what I’m not willing to do, I’m not willing to devalue my currency.

Backstabbing is a matter of perspective. When people outright claim they are backstabbing, they’re not doing it right. If you do it cleanly, like surgery, if I open up your back and do surgery on your lungs from the inside out, I’m not going to say I stabbed you with a scapel, I’m going to say I removed a tumor from your lunch. So with that being said, I’m going to perform surgery, I’m not going to stab anybody in the back.”

OK, then. We told you he was a character — and it’s no surprise that his favorite houseguest is Mike “Boogie” Malin.

“I am going to request every day in the Diary Room that [Boogie] comes and coaches me, or we can just hang out. He’s just everything — his game, his stature, his attitude, the way he talks, I’m just like, Brodude. You’re the s***, you’re awesome,” says Nick.

“Big Brother 15” premieres Wednesday, June 26 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. Don’t forget to sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother 15's' Nick Uhas: Is he Mike Boogie 2.0? He wants to be to keep track of all the action all summer long.

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