nick uhas big brother 15 exit interview 'Big Brother 15's' Nick Uhas: My feelings for GinaMarie were genuineNick Uhas was the second person evicted from the “Big Brother 15” house. And even though we love a good blindside, we were bummed about that — “That makes two of us,” laughs Nick.

And he tells Zap2it that even though he went out early, he’s so grateful to have been on the show.

“Oh my god, you have no idea. You have absolutely no idea how appreciative I am to have played the game that I have thought and schemed and schemed and thought about more than any individual should. It’s odd to say a dream come true, but I love using my brain to full capacity every day every single second of the day. I was in cerebral heaven,” says Nick.

As for his blindside, he started to have some suspicions about what was coming, mostly due to Spencer.

“I thought the only way I could possibly go out of the house was if there was a coup against me from the MC. And it was just that. I saw the power shifting,” says Nick. “I saw the fear in Spencer’s eyes, that, ‘Whoa, why would I give up this amazing opportunity? If I have all the power in my hands, Elissa’s on my good side, I’m nine-deep in whoever I want to control, then why wouldn’t I keep Elissa? What is Nick going to offer me?'”

He also is sad for GinaMarie and her implosion once he left, saying he can’t wait to see her outside the house.

“It was a fauxmance that turned into a showmance that turned into me protecting her from herself. My loyalty really rested in the Moving Company, I knew at some point we’d have to say goodbye at the hands of the Moving Company. I didn’t want to set her up so emotionally deep that when I cut her, at some point in time, that it would just be pure havoc.

In all honesty, I really did grow very close to her. … I did. She treated me very well. The feelings were genuine,” says Nick. “It took me to get evicted to figure that out. But [GinaMarie is] probably the most genuine, honest person in the house, to me. … Our first date we’re going to a monster truck rally. That’s happenin’.”

We did ask Nick about the backlash over the racist and homophobic comments made in the house, which he actually wasn’t really aware of — and we did acknowledge that we never really saw him being a part of those conversations on the live feeds.

“I don’t condone any of those actions. I was not partaking in those conversations. I can’t speak for anyone, on behalf of anyone else, but I personally do not support any of those actions,” says Nick.

He adds that he was surprised when he learned GinaMarie was one of the worst ones in the house in that regard.

“Yeah, that’s news to me. When I heard that, I thought, ‘Wow.’ I’ve been spending so much time with her, I can’t imagine that coming out of her mouth. But I was not privy to those conversations, I was not partaking in any of them,” says Nick.

So, who does Nick think are the strongest and weakest players in the house?

“If I had to put my money on somebody, it’d probably be Helen. The only downfall in Helen is if people finally catch on to how smart she actually is. If that information leaks anywhere along the way, she could easily be backdoored like anybody else on the show. She’s a mega-threat.

[Ed. note: Yes, we think Helen is in an excellent position]

“There are people that aren’t engaging in a lot of gaming, you could say,” Nick continues. “Even in that, that in a way is a strategy that is unbeknownst to yourself. Jessie, for the most, part, isn’t partaking in a whole lot of hardcore strategy or thinking ahead, but she’s smart enough to know to go with the house. And that’s gonna get her far. In fact, you know what, it got her father than me! [laughs].”

And would Nick go back on “Big Brother” if asked?

“I’d go back right now. If this conversation ended, this millisecond I’d be back in the house.”

“Big Brother” airs Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on CBS.

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