amber-borzotra-big-brother-16-CBS-interview.jpgAmber Borzotra was unfortunately evicted from the “Big Brother 16” house, though perhaps it was in her own best interest. She tells Zap2it that she’s kind of glad she’s out of the house because of fellow player Caleb Reynolds’ feelings toward her.

Zap2it: Are you glad you did “Big Brother”? Was the experience everything you hoped it would be?
Amber Borzotra: I am glad. I’m very glad I did “Big Brother,” not only for the experience to see how it was, but I made some really good friends in the house. I’m very excited, I’m glad I did it. I don’t know if I’d go and live in the house again for that long, but I enjoyed every minute.

Let’s talk about your, as Julie put it, “one-sided romance” with Caleb. I am not sure we’ve seen someone on “Big Brother” become so obsessed with another contestant.

I know. I felt so uncomfortable. Honestly, it’s hard for me to be mean, so I was trying to be as nice as I could in letting him know I’m really not that interested in you. But I don’t know, I’m kind of glad I’m out of the house because of that reason as well. I just didn’t want to spend another day in there with Caleb if I didn’t have to. … I tried distancing myself and I tried — I didn’t talk to him for days. And I felt like it was more personal on his end, wanting me gone, and then him finding out that he was my next target as well. It was bittersweet. But Caleb and I, there is no future there.

Were you ever afraid of him? Because there were definitely live-feed watchers who were genuinely concerned about your safety.

My thing is I think that there’s more to it that I don’t know. I haven’t seen anything yet. I think I’m going to find out a lot about Caleb by watching the show. I wasn’t afraid for my safety just because I didn’t see a lot of things. I just felt uncomfortable by how he was coming off, and I felt like I couldn’t even be around some of the guys because he would get jealous or mad. I felt like him getting me out of the house was also so he didn’t have to see that either. I think if I stayed any longer in there, then yeah, I would probably have to be worried for my safety, after finding some stuff out now.

Why do you think the house wanted you out so badly?
I don’t know. Caleb definitely hurt my game, and also them thinking that Zach was my target, as well as being a physical threat. If they get me out of the house because they think I’m a physical threat, then hey, I’ll go out for that reason.

Who do you think is in the best position in the game right now?
Definitely Derrick and Cody. I’m learning that Derrick and Cody are in the best position, so I’m rooting for them to be the last two sitting in those orange chairs.

Who do you think is vulnerable this week?
Probably Caleb, if I had to choose a guy. A girl would probably be Victoria.

“Big Brother 16” airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays on CBS.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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