caleb amber paola big brother 16 'Big Brother 16': 'Beast mode cowboy' Caleb wants to 'scare Amber back to her place'Caleb’s obsession with Amber has been a running theme throughout “Big Brother 16” this summer, and now it has taken another … alarming turn. Read on to find out what’s been happening on the live feeds (but beware spoilers), or just sign up for the live feeds yourself to follow all the action.

Saturday (July 26) on the feeds, starting at roughly 10:35 p.m. PT on cameras one and two, Caleb and Frankie were sitting in the HOH room discussing the re-nom. You see, Hayden has won the Power of Veto and the plan now is to have him use it (most likely on Victoria) and then Frankie has decided Amber needs to go up (not Caleb, which is what Cody and Derrick want him to do).

The reason seems to be that Amber has been making side alliances that the guys don’t like or approve of. That’s Frankie’s reasoning at least and it’s what Caleb starts out as saying his reasoning is. But as the conversation goes on, it becomes clear that Caleb is mostly just upset that Amber doesn’t hang out with him as much as he would like and so he wants to scare her into being dependent on him.

This is what Caleb says in the span of about five minutes:

To Frankie:
“I think we should take this opportunity to scare the living daylights out of [Amber] and pull her in and say remember who you’re with. Right now I feel that she’s trying to play both sides.”

What he says he’ll say to Amber: “How ’bout this? You wanna play and flop and build alliances outside, how ’bout we put you up on the block with someone outside the alliance and see how you feel? And let’s see if the people outside the alliance keeps you here. They don’t have enough, their army is too small. … And I’m gonna say, ‘So now you wanna talk? So now you’re in need of safety, so you come to beast-mode cowboy for safety. Quite frankly, I am the only person that can save you in this house.'”

To Frankie: “I really want her to be scared. I want to scare her to the point to where she remembers who — ’cause at the end of the day we’re going to be faithful to her and save her. But I want to look her in the face and say, ‘You’re questioning people’s loyalty in our group and and I just wanna show you now who really is loyal.’ … I want her to be scared that she’s gonna go home.”

What Caleb thinks Frankie should say in his re-nom speech: “You’re telling us you’re done talking to us, you haven’t talked to Caleb in so many days, you’re starting to act all weird. … Amber, quite frankly, one minute you’re real close to me and the next minute I feel that you’re against me, you’re flip-flopping all over the place.

To Frankie: “I just think it’s a good opportunity to scare Amber back to her place.”

That second-to-last quote, the one about what he thinks Frankie should say in his POV meeting speech, is very telling. Talk about projecting. Why would Frankie say his reason for nominating Amber is because she hasn’t “talked to Caleb in so many days.”?

Caleb’s “Fatal Attraction” with Amber is bordering on scary at times. We have our fingers crossed Cody and Derrick can work their magic on Frankie and get Caleb nominated in the POV ceremony Monday and then it’s bye-bye Caleb.

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