derrick frankie big brother 16 'Big Brother 16': It's Derrick's game to lose, Frankie shoots himself in the footThe person pulling the strings in the “Big Brother 16” house has become very clear in the past couple weeks.

The Puppetmaster

Derrick Levasseur, the 30-year-old police sergeant from Rhode Island, has become quite the mastermind of BB16. He has Cody and Victoria firmly in his pockets but has yet to raise any real suspicions from either of them. The rest of the house (except one person, we’ll get to that) may not be Derrick’s BFFs, but they certainly like him and have no concept just how in control he is.

What’s kind of amazing to watch is how Derrick is able to plant seeds of ideas into people’s heads and then act like the person he’s talking to thought it up him or herself. He’s extremely likable and if he can get to the end, he’ll be a shoo-in to win.

The only person who is remotely onto Derrick’s game is Donny. Donny is much smarter and much more observant than anybody thinks he is and he knows that Derrick is in control of the house. Unfortunately, everyone sees Donny as such a threat to win, because he’s just as well-liked as Derrick, that they will never listen to him. He’s not much of a gamer, anyway. Donny’s days are numbered in the BB16 house (though he should be safe this week).

Meanwhile, Derrick has a pretty decent path to the finale. The only person I honestly think he has to worry about is if Cody wises up to how no one will beat Derrick at the end and rallies the troops against him. We’ll see.

Now, I’m not saying I want to see Derrick go down. I really like Derrick and I hope he wins. But it’ll be interesting to see if anyone even figures it out before it’s too late.

The ‘Media Mogul’

Frankie had his big “coming out” moment (his words) when he told the house that Ariana Grande is his sister. The guys aren’t overly impressed (because they only kind of know who Ariana Grande is) and quickly move on from the actual “I’m a famous person” news to the load of B.S. that Frankie is spinning about giving his prize money to charity.

Zach takes this news really hard — he had an even bigger meltdown in the house than we saw in this episode. Zach is now suddenly convinced that Frankie will win the money so easily, so why should they all even play the game? What’s the point?

And because Zach is kind of cuckoo for cocoa puffs about half the time in the BB16 house, he fails to realize that Frankie has to get to the end to win the money. And while he was already on thin ice in the house (he was the original target this week, remember), now he has told houseguests that A) he has a famous sister, who is presumably a millionaire and B) That he’s donating the money, which is a reason to vote him out because it makes him too sympathetic at the end (even if I call total shenanigans on Frankie actually doing that. He’s there to win the money for himself).

Hilariously, after the guys don’t give Frankie the desired response of, “O.M.G! You’re so famous, we must cow-tow to you because you’re a superstar!”, Frankie runs to the females and gets the desired freakouts, assurance, validation and attention from Victoria and Nicole.

Victoria actually wonders later to Derrick if they “should treat Frankie different now?” Um, no. Thankfully, Derrick the puppetmaster talks some sense into her.

Anyway, the episode ends with crazy Zach saving himself with the Otev Veto and Nicole going up in his place, which was quite a shock to her. And we gotta tell you, Nicole’s chances do not look good this week.

Tune in Thursday (Aug. 14) to find out who goes home and who the next Heads of Household are.

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