donny nicole big brother 16 'Big Brother 16': Can Donny Thompson be saved this week?Things aren’t looking great for The Beard in the “Big Brother 16” house, but the live feeds got kind of interesting Wednesday (Aug. 28) evening. Read on to find out what happened, or just sign up for the live feeds to watch the end of the season for yourself.

It you flash back to roughly 7 p.m. PT on the feeds, Caleb starts rousing the troops to keep Donny. Now, what gave him this idea? We don’t know. But Donny is immensely popular with viewers, so it would not surprise us at all if this idea came about via Diary Room power of suggestion.

Either way, Caleb has decided it’s best for the guys’ alliance to keep Donny. He’s … not wrong, but he’s not entirely right either. Nicole wants to take them all down, but if she can’t get Christine and Victoria over to her side (and it’s not looking like she can), Nicole isn’t much of a threat to them. But neither is Donny, for the same reasons. They just don’t have the numbers in the house that can take out the Big 4 (Frankie, Caleb, Cody and Derrick).

But Caleb decides Donny is the better person to stay because he isn’t as much of a competition threat, which, again — that’s not entirely true. However, Frankie has been nervous about Nicole staying all week, so Caleb quickly shores up Frankie’s support and they take things to Derrick and Cody.

Derrick is fairly content to see which way the wind is blowing, but Cody immediately shuts everything down. It’s interesting that the guys care so much what he thinks, since he’s Head of Household, doesn’t have a vote and doesn’t get to play for the next HOH.

But Cody convinces them all that Donny needs to go and that’s how things stand when everyone goes to bed.

There’s a theory floating around online that if America’s Vote is “no,” then Derrick and Frankie will scramble to save Donny. This is based on the fact that the mission this week was “choose your own.” Donny suggested “Save Donny,” which undoubtedly would have gotten approval by the viewers, but Frankie railroaded the team into performing a stupid play where they made fun of their fellow houseguests. It was painfully unfunny and kind of mean.

So fans think that if us viewers vote “no” on the Team America mission completion, it will send a message and Derrick and Frankie will keep Donny. You can vote here.

However, I don’t really think Derrick and Frankie will extrapolate that “message” out to mean they should scramble and flip the vote on live TV. But we shall see Thursday night.

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