joey van pelt big brother 16 battle of the block 'Big Brother 16': Joey goes down in flames for daring to try an all girl allianceTime to find out how the first Power of Veto competition went on “Big Brother 16” — and to see whose game has gone completely off the rails in the first two weeks.

Post-Battle of the Block

Donny is not only sad that he and Paola lost the Battle of the Block, but he’s also touched about how nice everybody is being to him in the house. Awww. He seems more genuine than like half of these people put together. Also, it’s a little bit sad that this is affecting him so greatly, especially because they all want him out.

He’s got a huge target on his back because he’s the odd man out in the house, plus he’s a huge threat because of how sweet and funny he is, so the Bomb Squad wants Donny out. Devin looks like a bit of an a-hole in the Diary Room when he calls BS on Donny crying. Dude, he’s not that good of an actor. Also, I really don’t think he’s ex-military. Devin and Caleb’s paranoia about Donny is borderline scary. It’s definitely weird. I’m also starting to think Devin and Caleb don’t have four brain cells between them, so.

Ghosts? No.

Sorry, nope. This is dumb. Nicole is dumb. Not dumb overall, but this is a .dumb schtick. There are no ghosts in the “Big Brother” house. Ghosts of Justin’s knife, Evel Dick’s cigarettes, Amanda and David’s dignity, those kinds of things. But not actual ghosts.

Joey Crashes and Burns

So, Joey wants to start an all-girl alliance and she’s not wrong — it has never worked in the game and now’s the time to get one rolling. But as it turns out, it’s not going to start now. I had high hopes for this group of women, but turns out I overestimated pretty much all of them. Joey is absolutely right that they could work together now and be strong, but these dumb girls are too scared to work against the guy.

Plus, the girls aren’t at all sneaky about it because the guys get wind of this immediately and start targeting the “head chief.” Caleb actually says, “I’ve been hearing there’s some girls trying to stir up some trouble.” Yes, those pesky women and their ideas. Gotta get rid of the woman with a brain before this nonsense continues.

Of course, I get that anybody who is not in the alliance but hears about it is going to be worried about it. Joey needed to be way smarter with this than she’s being. But she just keeps digging her hole deeper by coming clean about her alliance to everybody. It’s absolutely the wrong move because the first few weeks of “Big Brother,” you just gotta keep your head down. Form an alliance, sure. But A) Don’t let anybody know about it and B) Act like you haven’t started playing the game yet. The first week evictee is always either the big weirdo or the person who plays too hard, too fast. Joey is definitely the latter, but a little bit the former too. (I love her, but she’s not meshing with the house).

The Power of Veto

Caleb is 100 percent sure that there’s no way Victoria, Paola or Donny can beat Zach, Cody or Caleb in the POV. Or as Caleb says, “Them three.” Spoiler alert — Caleb’s a dumb-dumb and very wrong about that. But as he says later, he “graduated high school,” so he’s got this one in the bag.

The competition is one of the grossest themes they’ve ever done. The Miami Lice Squad have to search the hair of a giant fiberglass head for the lice, which each have a letter on them. They have to spell the longest word they can in the quickest amount of time.

The problem with Paola, Cody and Caleb is they get fixated on what they want, instead of working with what you find. Donny, meanwhile, is seemingly puttering along, but he’s also keeping his wits about him.

The words are Zach – “warning”, Cody – “competively” [bonk], Caleb – “secialize” [bonk], Victoria – “pharmaist” [bonk], Paola – “caltoru” [bonk] and Donny – “splitters” WINNER. Honestly, as Frankie said, it’s kind of amazing Zach didn’t at least make his word plural (though he wouldn’t have won anyway).

Also, if you think for one second that Joey isn’t the one who is going to be “kicking some rocks,” you really haven’t been paying attention. If she has to go, I’m firmly Team Donny. Go all the way, country boy. FEAR THE BEARD!

Power of Veto Ceremony

Joey is the target for having the gall to start an all-girl alliance. You know what is really annoying? Why can’t the guys just be mad that she was playing too hard? Why can’t they be targeting her just because she started an alliance period? Why does it have to be because she started an all-girl alliance? Why is that so offensive?

The fake “The Godfather” music plays while Caleb lets Joey speak with him about nominations, but c’mon. We’ve all watched this before.

Predictably, Caleb puts up Joey. If you’re curious how this week is going for her, check this out (though be warned of slight spoilers). That post also details the faux-mance that’s been going on between Caleb and Amber that hasn’t made it to air yet (the trouble with cramming in another competition this season). Caleb is getting his “Fatal Attraction” on and Amber is not interested.

So, what does this mean for Team America? We don’t know yet. Honestly, you’d think the powers that be would have thought this through a little better and had us vote on Team America right away, so that Joey’s two team members could be campaigning for her to stay. Now it looks as though the first team member is out the door. Will CBS have us vote on three still, or have there just be two team members? Will they try to fix their mistake by naming the team ASAP so that another one doesn’t manage to get him or herself voted out? Who can say, because CBS is kind of dumb about these things when it comes to “Big Brother” sometimes.

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