zach nominee big brother 16 'Big Brother 16' live feed spoilers: Week 6 eviction not set in stone yetSome interesting things were afoot in the “Big Brother 16” house last night, hamster fans. Read on to find out what we have in store for us during the live show Thursday (Aug. 7), or just sign up for the live feeds to follow along for yourself.

Less than a day ago, the BB16 house was going to send fan-favorite Zach packing this week. It all stemmed from him being HOH Nicole’s target. She did consider back-dooring Frankie, but ultimately decided Zach was the better choice to go.

Now, you might say to yourself, “The Detonators outnumber Nicole’s side of the house, why was that even an issue?” But there’s an interesting phenomenon in “Big Brother” that happens nearly all the time — people act like they need to do what the Head of Household wants each week.

It’s so weird, because after initial nominations, the HOH doesn’t have much power. And after the Power of Veto ceremony, the HOH has no power, plus he or she can’t play for the next HOH, so why do people always act like when you’re HOH, it’s everybody’s job to do what you want for the week. That’s not really how things work.

The Detonators, thanks in large part to Caleb, of all people, who isn’t even in their alliance, realized on the live feeds Wednesday night that they don’t have to get rid of Zach and that if they do, they’re just hurting their voting bloc by loping off one of their alliance members.

Um, no kidding.

So, Caleb, Frankie, Derrick, Cody and Christine finally came together and decided they’re going to vote Jocasta out, so that’s enough to send her packing and keep Zach. The Detonators plus Caleb also decided Hayden, Nicole and Donny are their biggest targets, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens during the Double Eviction episode tonight.

Frankly, the most interesting thing to happen would be if Jocasta and Victoria go home, because that leaves the house full of all gamers and no floaters, but getting Victoria out tonight is definitely a pipe dream. She’s not really on anybody’s radar right now.

What do you think, hamster fans?

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