big-brother-16-week-9-HOH.jpgAfter this week’s eviction, there are only two women left in the “Big Brother 16” house. Sorry to see you go, Nicole. You were a little ball of sunshine.

However, if you’ve been watching the live feeds, it’s absolutely no surprise. Derrick wanted her gone because out of the possible re-noms, she’s the biggest threat to his game and Derrick is running the house.

The new Head of Household competition is based on the zombie scares they got earlier this week, which was hilarious to watch on the feeds. We would imagine that with how much downtime there is in the BB house, something like that would be super exciting, haha.

Anyway, the competition is a series of questions based on the emergency broadcast system announcements the houseguests were given. Just as an aside — where are the endurance comps this season? There have been next to none.

But I digress. This competition is likely to change Derrick’s grip on the house, since he and Frankie are the new Heads of Household. Who do you think gets nominated?

Donny for sure, but who else? Caleb, Christine and Victoria? Or maybe Derrick can work his magic on Frankie and keep both of his pawns safe (i.e., Cody and Victoria). Derrick could nominate Zach and Donny and Frankie nominate Caleb and Christine?

Should be interesting.

As for the Rachel Reilly interview, she’s grating, to be sure, but her take on the women being so weak this season is right on. I was so optimistic about this crop of women and they have greatly disappointed me. She’s also right that Derrick is going to win if nobody wises up.

Who do you think will get nominated?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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