big brother 16 odds winner 'Big Brother 16' odds: Who's going to win the money?Zap2it has a decent track record in predicting the outcomes of past “Big Brother” seasons before they start. We nailed Hayden Moss for BB12 and we predicted Amanda and Andy would go far in BB15 — though we were way off about BB14 and for some reason, we did not do a BB13 prediction post. But with no further ado, here are our predictions for BB16.

Short odds

Nicole Franzel: Nicole is very sweet and a little unsure/shy, but she’s a huge fan of the show (legitimately, not a recruit who has binge-watched the last few seasons). She could easily slip right into the Jordan Lloyd spot in the house where no one sees her as a threat and suddenly you’re handing her a check for $500,000 because she played a great social game and isn’t as dumb as everyone assumed (not that I think she’s dumb, but people may write her off). She’s the only person I hesitated to put in the top group because she’s hard to read, but my gut tells me when she loosens up and gets more relaxed in the house, she could be a gamer.

Derrick Levasseur: This guy is like Tony Vlachos on “Survivor” without being so abrasive. He’s incredibly pleasant, funny and smart, plus he’s a cop, so he’s probably good at reading people. He could be a great alliance leader, but he’ll have to tread lightly so as not to get evicted early because he’s seen as a threat.

Zach Rance: You look at this guy and think d-bag frat boy, but he was actually one of my favorite interviews. I ended up having to sit and just shoot the breeze with him for a while after the official interview was over and I was very impressed by him. He’s high energy, so he’s going to have to watch that he doesn’t annoy people, but he’s extremely likable and he’s fairly smart. He’s not a student of the game, but his mom is a huge fan, so he’s not unfamiliar with it either (like some houseguests always are).

paola shea big brother 16 'Big Brother 16' odds: Who's going to win the money?Paola Shea (right):
Talk about judging a book by its cover. This girl came into the interview dressed like a ’90s pop-star hooker, with a kicky hat, suspenders, boobs everywhere and very, very, very short shorts. I definitely wrote her off, but after spending some time with her, I was impressed by her brains. She hides her smarts a little behind a big personality, but when the facade drops away, she’s down-to-earth and very funny. I really like that she’s gunning for an all-girl alliance and I hope she recruits …

Joey Van Pelt: One of my favorite houseguests, at least from what little time I spent with them. She’s very smart, very funny and fills that quirky niche in the house quite well, so if nobody sees her as a threat, she could be golden. Joey is definitely a recruit and fairly unfamiliar with “Big Brother,” but if she gets with the program quickly enough, she could be very fun to watch.

Who’s going to win? It’s hard to say, of course, but I really think Joey and Paola could get to the end if they do this right. Derrick would also be a shoo-in if he got to Final 2, but he’ll have a hard time of that. Gun to my head? Joey wins the money.

Dark horses:

amber borzotra big brother 16 'Big Brother 16' odds: Who's going to win the money?Amber Borzotra (left): This girl may look like just a model (and believe me, she’s insanely beautiful in person and has legs for days), but she also played rugby and has some Southern grit to her personality. Her success will depend a lot on whether she shores up a strong alliance, but I think she’s definitely got potential as a gamer. Frankly, if she, Joey, Paola, Nicole and Jocasta teamed up for the all-girl alliance, I’d lose my mind. It’d be awesome. I haven’t felt this good about the group of women the show cast in years.

Christine Brecht: Christine is quirky like Joey but without being as funny, plus she’s very religious. Now, that’s fine. It’s not a bad thing. But — if she’s unwilling to get down ‘n’ dirty in the game, that could hurt her. I’m not sure what to make of Christine, I just know she’s not stupid and she’s fairly pleasant, so she could maybe surprise us.

Cody Calafiore: Winsome. Very winsome. I think he and Zach will become friends and they could do some damage in the house. If they pulled in Derrick? Watch out, all-girl alliance.

Frankie Grande: This guy is a tough one. He’s got a big, big personality. That doesn’t always mean you get evicted early (miss you, Marcellus!), but he’ll have to watch it that he doesn’t annoy people. It will also heavily depend on whether people recognize him as a YouTube star and Ariana Grande’s brother. That could seriously hurt his chances.

Jocasta Odom: This woman is very smart, but she’s also a mother and a minister. Again, that’s great, but I worry about her ability to do the dirty deeds that need to be done in the “Big Brother” house, so that’s why she’s a dark horse and not a shoo-in.

Devin Shepherd: Maybe the sweetest person I interviewed out of this whole cast. Talk about a gentle giant. He’ll need to be careful that his physique, which is towering, doesn’t scare people into eliminating him. He’s also so sweet that I worry about his chutzpah, so he’ll need a strong alliance.

Long shots:

Brittany Martinez: This is my prediction for who goes home first. She seems shy, not at all ready for this game and is a total recruit, so she has no idea what she’s getting herself into.

victoria rafaeli big brother 16 'Big Brother 16' odds: Who's going to win the money?Victoria Rafaeli (right): Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, total eye-candy. Now, she could surprise us — remember Porsche? But I’m not going to hold my breath.

Caleb Reynolds: There has been a controversy about him online already, so he could ruffle some feathers in the house, plus he’s not the brightest guy we met on press day.

Donny Thompson: This guy is a big ol’ sweetie and you never know — with the right alliance, he could go far. But he’s not cutthroat enough to win and with this cast, I’m not even sure who is going to align with him. He’d be an easy first person out.

Hayden Voss: This was the only person I hesitated putting into the long shots category. He’s not as hopeless as some of the others seem to be. He’s like if David Girton and McCrae Olson from BB15 had a baby, and I can’t decide if he’s more David or more McCrae. If he’s more McCrae, I may have miscalculated putting him down here in the last group, but we shall see.

“Big Brother 16” premieres Wednesday, June 25 at 8 p.m. ET/PT and Thursday, June 26 at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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