big brother 16 cast photo swimsuits 'Big Brother 16' premiere live blog: Join us!It’s finally here, hamster fans. It’s “Big Brother” Christmas morning!

The BB16 premiere episode is upon us and we can hardly wait to find out just how all the twists are going to work. What we know so far is that there are two HOH competitions, with two Heads of Household being crowned.

According to this preview released by CBS, the first half of the house is Joey, Amber, Frankie, Cody, Donnie, Devin, Paola and Nicole, which means
the second group is Zach, Jocasta, Brittany, Christine, Caleb, Derrick,
Hayden and Victoria. If we were making predictions, we’d say Nicole might be a safe bet for the first HOH, because she really wants to win it and the competition looks like it could favor a small person (if she’s coordinated enough).

Join us here starting at 8 p.m. ET for a live of all the fun of night one of the “Big Brother 16” premiere. Also, don’t forget to get your live feed subscription — feed-watchers get special voting powers this year.

— Julie Chen looks smashing in a red dress and she’s right, it does officially feel like summer now that “Big Brother” is here.

8:02 — Don’t let Paola’s “BB” persona fool you. She’s way more down-to-earth than she seems. I understand why she has to be a certain type of person on the show, but I think if you give her a chance, you’ll like her, fans.

8:04 — Donny and Cody are both very sweet people, though Cody’s much more ready to be a gamer in the BB house than Donny is. Frankie Grande is as boisterous as he appears (maybe more) and he needs to be careful he doesn’t drive everyone crazy.

— Amber is a model who was recruited, but she’s got more going on upstairs than most eye-candy cast members. She’s also stupid pretty in person.

8:06 — Keep your eye on Nicole from Michigan. She’s a huge fan and she’s very sweet, so she’s going to be the Jordan Lloyd of the house. Joey the makeup artist was one of my favorite contestants on press day. She doesn’t know much about the show, but she could be a great competitor because she’s very intelligence. Devin is a gentle giant, but yes, he’s enormous. I’m 6’0 and he made me feel dinky.

8:08 — Why does Nicole think there are ghosts in the “Big Brother” house? That’s … weird.

8:13 — The HGs get turned lose in the house and I’m struck by how cool the memory wall looks this year. Can’t wait to see exactly how that works.

8:15 — Frankie is obsessed with people knowing who he is, so wouldn’t it be hilarious if nobody knows? Ha.

8:16 — What’s really interesting is that Amber has eyes for Devin, but Devin has eyes for Joey. That’s amazing.

8:22 — Some of this group decides that they all need to stick together as an alliance of eight, which is never going to last, but — they do have a point that they can make an alliance with the other eight HGs not going to be able to. It’s not like the other eight people are getting to hang out before they enter the house, so this group of eight is at a distinct advantage in that regard.

8:23 — Devin needs to stop using the word “literally” incorrectly. That is going to drive me insane.

— The first sub-alliance starts when Devin approaches Donny about sticking together. So now we have the Crazy 8s and the Double Ds as a subset.

8:26 — Then the next sub-alliance starts when the women get together, yes! I have been wishing, hoping and praying for this and it’s four of the five women I really liked after the press junket. Long live El Cuatro!

8:30 — The HGs are informed about the twist of not being safe just because you’re HOH. But they aren’t told about there being two HOHs each week, just that one of them (the first eight) will be HOH.

— HOH comp time! It’s an endurance competition on one of the giant spinning logs, with a great beachy theme. The baby crying noise when the sandcastle gets crushed is unsettling.

8:38 — Paola is down after only a few minutes, it appears. Then Joey and Nicole, so El Cuatro appears to be in a bit of trouble.

8:45 — Back from commercial, Donny and Devin fall, so it’s down to Amber, Frankie and Cody. Frankie’s wet pink hair makes him look like a melty ice cream cone.

8:47 — And just like that, Cody is down, then Amber throws it (unconvincingly, honestly. That was terrible), but that makes Frankie the first HOH, so now he’s sure to be outed, because something Ariana-related is bound to be in his HOH room.

8:52 — The HGs are informed that eight more people are joining them and that one of them will be the second HOH this week, but by week’s end, only one HOH will be left standing. Nice. The HGs immediately wonder if the other eight are competing in a separate house at this exact moment, but I can’t really see that being the case. Hmm.

8:54 — The Team America twist is revealed. America will be voting on a secret three-person alliance that we control all summer long. Interesting. It will take three weeks to decide, so America will be able to get to know the houseguests a little, though one member of the alliance is already determined. Hmm.

What did you think of the “Big Brother” premiere?

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