big brother 16 week 11 hoh results 'Big Brother 16': A rewind, double eviction and Week 11 Head of Household competition resultsIt’s been a foregone conclusion since Nicole didn’t win Head of Household last week that she’d be evicted (again) from the “Big Brother 16” house. We’ve all been twiddling our thumbs waiting for the double eviction, because maybe (fingers crossed) the house will finally get interesting. Let’s find out!

Derrick/Cody vs. Frankie/Caleb

Caleb made things tough on Derrick and Cody this week by spilling the beans to Frankie possibly backdooring him. However, it really did not affect the guys’ alliance that much. They’re still fairly strong and I fully expect Nicole and Christine to be the next two out (unless Christine wins HOH or POV, which would be a shock).

Eviction No. 1

In no surprise, Nicole is evicted unanimously. In her second exit interview, she says Frankie/Cody will be the first to turn on the other guys. I don’t think she’s correct. I think Derrick and Cody are too smart to let that happen. But we’ll see. I think Derrick, Cody and Victoria will flip on Caleb/Frankie if they have a chance.

Head of Household and nominations

Derrick wins the HOH competition after one question because everyone forgot about Donny’s letter. WTF, guys. That was not a hard question. What’s interesting about this is Derrick has worked very hard to get Victoria deeply into his pocket, so he needs the guys to follow through with his plan and take Christine out. But will they?

Derrick nominates Christine and Victoria, no big surprise.

POV and eviction

The POV competition is a pretty cool maze game that looks like something out of “Survivor.” Frankie wins fairly easily, so nominations stay the same and Christine is evicted 3-0. She gets booed pretty hard on the studio, what is that about?

So, the next HOH is huge. Derrick can’t play, so he better pray Cody or Victoria wins because I think if Caleb or Frankie wins, then Nicole will be proven right — they’ll flip on Derrick and Cody.

But Julie has revealed the “Big Brother” rewind, which is a secret button that can be pushed this week that will reset everything during next week’s live eviction show. I wonder at what point the houseguests will be told about the rewind button? We do not yet know.

UPDATE: Frankie has won HOH for Week 11 and the houseguests have been shown the button, but they don’t yet know what it does. Several of them have guessed that it’s a reset button of some kind. They all decide to push it together, even though Derrick was strongly advising against pushing it. A countdown clock started, but they still don’t know exactly what it is counting down to.

This is interesting because Frankie is HOH. Popular opinion with the feed-watchers is that Frankie is being protected by production. So what happens if all of a sudden at week’s end, Frankie goes back into the pool and we have a new HOH?

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