derrick nicole big brother 16 'Big Brother 16' week 2 eviction and new Heads of HouseholdTime to send another hamster home from the “Big Brother 16” house, though if you’ve been watching the live feeds, you know who’s hitting the bricks Thursday (July 10).

The Power of Veto meeting

Also if you haven’t been watching the live feeds, you missed out on some crazy fireworks this week. What they show here that happened after the POV meeting is just a taste. The Bomb Squad’s implosion went on for hours, y’all. It was kind of amazing. Sign up for the live feeds if you haven’t already, they’ve been good stuff so far for this season.

Anyway, the gist of this is that Zach and Paola both talk about how much they hate Devin and how big of a liar he is. Zach’s “plan,” which is questionable, is to make the house think his only goal is to get Devin out, which will keep him in the house because they want someone who will target Devin. As Donny says about that meeting, “I was tickled to death.”

Also, Donny watching the meeting like he was watching a tennis match, with a giant gleeful grin on his face? Delightful. He’s awesome.

Later, both Derrick and Frankie speak for us live feed-watchers when they separately express that it’s going to be hard to keep Zach in the house this week. Yeah. At least right now, he looks crazy and unstable. Derrick advises him to both apologize to people and to keep his craziness under control.

Then Derrick and Caleb get the votes rallied up to keep Zach in the house because that’s what is better for their game. Devin is not pleased. He says he’s not in the Bomb Squad anymore and it’s an individual game now, which is all well and good, but you can’t win “Big Brother” without some kind of alliance. Devin really had no idea about how to play this game and has really blown it this week. If he’d left well enough alone with Pao and Brittany on the block, everything would have been fine.

The Eviction

Paola rambles for like 30 minutes in her goodbye speech, then she gets evicted 10-2. Only Jocasta and Donny vote to evict Zach, which is interesting. But the eviction is no big shock if you knew what was going on in the house. Paola just never established herself in an alliance and she’s absolutely not a threat, which, at this point in the game, is a reason to vote her out. Alliances need people who can win things. She’s dead weight.

The HOH Competition

The comp is “Underwater Polo” and it involves hitting a polo ball into numbered slots, looking for the highest number. The two highest scores after everyone has gone are the new Heads of Household … which turn out to be Nicole (29) and Derrick (28). Yes! That’s a great set of HOHs. This should be fun, who do you think gets nominated?

Check back here later tonight for the spoilers. Based on last week’s timeline, later in the night, nominations will already be completed and the Battle of the Block will already have taken place, so we’ll have all the information for you.

Lastly, Julie introduces the FitFlex activity monitors, which means we can follow how active (or lazy) each houseguest is.

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