devin donny big brother 16 'Big Brother 16' week 3 eviction and new Heads of HouseholdIt’s eviction and new Head of Household competition time in the “Big Brother 16” house. But first, what have the hamsters been up to?

Fauxmances and showmances

Caleb is still obsessed with Amber and he’s taking none too kindly to Amber and Cody seeming to bond. It gives some of the house pause about perhaps voting Caleb out instead of Devin, but don’t let that fool you — Devin has been way too crazy for anybody to keep him in the house. There was some talk this week of taking this chance to get Caleb out, but nothing really came of it.

Meanwhile, the real showmance is what is blossoming between Nicole and Hayden. They’re totally into each other, but way too cute and good to do much about it (so far).

Donny’s Family

Oh my god, y’all. Donny’s dad likes “cowboy pictures” and “Gunsmoke” and “Bonanza” and might be the cutest old man in the history of everything. Also, take your hands off Donny’s shirt and Poptarts, Jeff Schroeder.

The Eviction

It’s very telling that Caleb says in his speech that “everyone knows” he and Devin are the biggest competitors in the house. Caleb sees big muscles as the end-all, be-all of what makes a person a strong competitor. Dude. Perhaps there’s a reason Amber is not interested in you. Also, we’ll assume he knows he’s staying because he surely would not meet Ms. Julie Chen wearing an open button-down shirt like some kind of cowboy stripper.

Devin is unanimously voted out, which is no surprise. Christine and Nicole talked about voting to evict Caleb and blaming the rogue votes on Jocasta and Donny, but clearly they decided otherwise.

Head of Household Competition

They’re competing in pairs tonight, so that’s interesting. They’re random — Victoria/Christine, Caleb/Nicole, Brittany/Jocasta, Amber/Zach, Donny/Hayden and Cody/Frankie. I’m not sure who I’m rooting for … probably Amber/Zach and Donny/Hayden.

The competition is the egg-through-chicken-wire relay race that will clearly take us past the live episode. Sign up for the live feeds to tune in and find out who wins. We also find out the latest Team American mission is to get “someone they think is a physical threat” on the block this week.

Who are you rooting for?

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