big brother 16 week 4 head of household competition 'Big Brother 16' week 4 Head of Household results and nominationsWe’ve got the details on the “Big Brother 16” house after Thursday’s (July 17) cliffhanger with the Head of Household competition. Warning: Spoilers ahead about the live feeds, which you can still sign up for to follow along with all the action.

Cody and Frankie won the HOH competition for week 4, which means that once again we have a pair of HOHs who are going to collaborate on their nominees, rather than a pair that is working against one another.

Nominations haven’t been made yet, but the plan is for Frankie to nominate Amber and Jocasta and Cody to nominate Brittany and Victoria, with Jocasta and Brittany as the targets, so that no matter who wins the Battle of the Block, one of the targets is still on the block.

Now, Team America has been made aware of their mission for this week — get a physical threat nominated. The guys figure they’re covered because Amber counts. Hmmm.

If you ask me, that’s a bit of a cop-out. Amber may be in good shape, but I don’t know that I’d count her as a “physical threat.” In fact, I’m not sure any of the women qualify. If I were running things, “Big Brother” would make it clear to Team America that they mean someone like Caleb or Cody. I’ll be interested to see if A) producers step in to clarify or B) they count nominating Amber as “completing the mission.”

Check back here for an update as to who the actual nominees are, but we are 99 percent sure it will be Amber, Jocasta, Brittany and Victoria.

As we thought, Cody did indeed nominate Brittany and Victoria and Frankie nominated Jocasta and Amber. Britt and Vic are fired up because they’re sick of being everybody’s go-to nominees, so they’re bound and determined to win the BotB competition. Time will tell if they can pull it off.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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