jocasta zach big brother 16 'Big Brother 16' week 6 double eviction live blogIt’s double eviction time in the “Big Brother 16” house, which means a jam-packed episode. Either Zach or Jocasta will be hitting the road in the first 15 minutes or so — and we have a pretty good feeling which one of them is going home.

After that, a lot rests on who wins the next Head of Household competition. The Detonators side of things is really gunning for Hayden and Nicole after this week, so they could be in some trouble if Hayden doesn’t win HOH.

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— We get to watch the scheming that went on in the BB house last night. It was pretty crazy, you guys. But the Detonators finally realized that evicting Zach is actually not a great play for them right now because they need the numbers — crazily enough, who pointed this out to them? Caleb.

9:15 — Julie reveals to the HGs that it’s double eviction night and also the start of the jury. But also that if you get evicted, you are not necessarily out of the game. Interesting. But now it’s time to vote. Zach’s save-me limerick is amazing, more of that please.

9:17 — By a vote of 6-2, Jocasta is going home. The only votes to evict Zach were cast by Hayden and Donny.

9:24 — HOH time. Since it’s double eviction, only one person can win this one. Boy, how insane would it be if they crammed a Battle of the Block competition into this hour too? But alas, they are not. It’s a “Math-cathlon” competition with the answers being “more, less or exactly.”

9:30 — Caleb is the new HOH, which is his second time in the power position. Who do you think he’ll nominate?

9:34 — Caleb word-salads, “At the end of the day, he say, she say, throw under the bus, comrades Hayden and Donny, take a seat.” So, Hayden and Donny are nominated. Ruh roh. I’m going to be upset if Donny goes home and I suspect so will a lot of the viewers.

9:40 — The POV is the annual “Jeff threw a yellow shoe out of the playing field” game. This year, they’re retrieving rubber duckies out of a ball pit. Zach takes an early lead, but good ol’ Donny finds his three rubber ducks, brings back the POV symbol and wins! And then keels over with a heart attack. Not really, but maybe. Good on you, Donny!

9:47 — Donny, of course, uses the POV on himself (he’s still like dying, poor guy). And Caleb puts up Nicole, so one of the Haycole showmance is headed home. Who do you think it will be?

— Hayden sort of throws Christine and Frankie “under the bus,” but I’m honestly not sure what he means by “planting seeds,” so way to call people out in a totally vague way. Nicole clears up what Hayden meant by saying they planted the seed to get Zach out, she also says people are playing “super dirty.” Um, no they aren’t. Dirty play is like getting personal. This is just “Big Brother.” But I’m not surprised that Nicole will be a bitter jury member.

9:54 — By a vote of 5-2, Hayden is evicted. The only dissenters were Donny and Cody. It’s interesting that Cody voted differently from his entire alliance. There was a miscommunication there.

9:55 — Do you have questions for Hayden or Jocasta? Leave ’em in the comments!

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