cody nicole big brother 16 'Big Brother 16' week 7 Head of Household competition resultsAfter a whirlwind double eviction episode of “Big Brother 16,” Jocasta and Hayden have been sent packing. Read on to find out which two houseguests won HOH, or just sign up for the live feeds to follow along for yourself.

When the live show ended, Nicole was storming around fit to be tied at the way the double eviction went down. Well, she’s going to get some revenge this week because Nicole and Christine won Heads of Household. It sent the guys into a little bit of a panic, which … honestly, it’s about time.

The immediate reaction from Nicole and Christine is that Nicole puts up Victoria/Caleb and Christine puts up Zach/Donny. Cody is the option if someone comes down using the Power of Veto.

However, as the night wore on Thursday (Aug. 7), Nicole and Zach form an alliance by being completely honest with each other regarding the Detonators and Rationale. So Nicole starts encouraging Christine to nominate Derrick/Donny instead.

Meanwhile, Team America got its mission about getting a pawn to go up on the block and then getting that pawn evicted. Derrick started in on Nicole, trying to get her to go after Zach (who would be the “pawn”). But then a pawn kind of falls in their lap when Caleb says he’ll volunteer to go on the block next to Frankie, throw the Battle of the Block competition and then Frankie can get voted out — but Team America would make sure it was Caleb going home, not Frankie.

It’s all very interesting. Keep checking back here to find out who Nicole and Christine nominate and who is left standing after the Battle of the Block competition.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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