big brother 16 week 8 nominations 'Big Brother 16': Week 8 nominations and Battle of the Block resultsSome fun things are afoot in the “Big Brother 16” house, hamster fans. Read on to find out, but be warned of live feed spoilers. It’s also not too late to sign up for the feeds to watch the rest of the summer play out.

After Frankie and Derrick won Heads of Household for week 8, they nominated Donny/Christine (Derrick) and Cody/Caleb (Frankie). The plan was for Christine to throw the competition so that Donny would remain on the block, but somehow he managed to win Battle of the Block. We won’t know exactly how he pulled that off (and what Christine did or did not do) until Sunday’s episode, but either way, Donny is safe this week!

I’m tickled for The Beard. He seems like a great guy, and I really don’t like his chances to defeat the entire house (because everyone is against him) and get to the end, but it sure would be exciting if he could pull that off.

Winning BotB puts Donny one step closer at least, because he now can’t be the re-nom if the Power of Veto gets used. Frankly, I think if the house wanted him out so badly, they should have kept him off the block and tried to backdoor him — BotB is two teams playing for one victory, versus a POV competition he might win where it’s six people playing for one victory. But they didn’t do that, so it’s water under the bridge now.

Cody and Caleb remain on the block and Frankie remains HOH. The last three POV players are Donny, Christine and Victoria, with Derrick hosting.

Frankie seems to think that if someone uses the POV (which might be himself, he said last night on the feeds he’d use it to save Caleb if he won it), then Victoria is the re-nom. She, Derrick and Zach are the only re-nom possibilities, so what would be interesting is if someone wins the POV who is going to use it and the house wises up to Derrick being the complete puppetmaster this season and puts him up.

I don’t see that happening, but we’ll see.

Best case scenario for Derrick’s game is Cody comes off and Zach goes up, because Derrick’s two biggest allies in the house are Cody and Victoria, but would Frankie put up Zach? Not likely, unless Derrick can work his magic on Zach and convince him to go up as a pawn so they can get Caleb out. Derrick would be smart to try to make that happen if Cody wins POV.

It all depends on who wins Power of Veto, though. Check back with Zap2it later for the POV results.

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