big brother 16 week 5 nominations 'Big Brother 16': A 'Zach Attack' for Week 5 HOH nominations; Battle of the Block resultsTeam America is on a roll in the “Big Brother 16” house. Read on to find out what’s been happening since Thursday’s (July 24) live eviction show, but be warned of spoilers from the live feeds.

When we last left the hamsters, Zach and Frankie were the week 5 Heads of Household. They nominated Christine/Nicole (Zach) and Jocasta/Victoria (Frankie), though none of those women are the actual target this week. The actual target is Caleb. As Brittany told Zap2it today in her exit interview, Caleb’s game has gone completely out the window and all he can do is obsess about Amber, so the guys have decided it’s time for him to go.

The Team America mission this week was to start a fight at either the HOH or the POV ceremony and it would seem they accomplished their mission with the HOH noms. Zach, who is so easily manipulated by Derrick and Frankie it is not even funny, went off on Christine when he put her up, which she did not like. You won’t be able to watch that until Sunday’s episode, however.

Anyway, Friday afternoon saw the Battle of the Block competition, with Christine and Nicole emerging victorious, so Frankie is still HOH and Jocasta/Victoria remain on the block. Zach better be careful this week, because while Caleb is the backdoor target, Frankie has tossed around the idea of backdooring Zach instead. I’m not sure he would actually go through with it, but if Zach loses his marbles between now and the POV ceremony (which is not, like, out of the realm of possibility), he might be in some trouble.

But for now, unless Caleb competes in and wins the Power of Veto, expect him to be put up during Monday’s POV ceremony. Whether he’ll actually be voted out remains to be seen.

“Big Brother” airs Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday on CBS.

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