joey van pelt big brother 16 eviction 'Big Brother 16's' Joey Van Pelt: Caleb is 'very misogynistic'Joey Van Pelt has the dubious distinction of being the first person voted out of the “Big Brother 16” house. We had such high hopes for her game and she tells Zap2it she wishes she had laid a bit lower in the house the first two weeks.

Zap2it: We were so sad to watch your game blow up the first couple weeks. Do you think Caleb would have targeted any alliance that was trying to form opposite his own, or do you think it specifically had to do with an all-girl alliance?
Joey Van Pelt: I think that he wanted to disarm any alliance in the house, but he knew that if the women have a backbone and an alliance in the house, they have not only power in numbers, but if the women are getting along and in an alliance, he knew he was done.

It was first because it was an alliance that was forming, and second, he did make it very clear in some of his comments like, “The women, what are they thinking?” He is very misogynistic. He thinks he’s a polite country boy, but he’s not.

We were also bummed about losing a member of Team America. What did you think of that twist? Were you surprised that Donny is on Team America too?

Not at all. He is genuinely the most beautiful, simple man, he deserves it. He’s the most genuine person in the house. I think people really relate to that. He’s so wonderfully simple, I didn’t think people even existed like that. I’m happy that he’s part of Team America.

You said in the house that “Big Brother” should cast people who know the game better. Do you think you were at a disadvantage not being as familiar with the show?

At the time when I said that, I was really scrambling for votes and I was in a really depressed place, trying to rally people together to keep me in the house. But you can know the game, but you don’t know what you’re going into going into the house — what twists there will be and what personalities you’ll have to work with and who you can work with. Knowing the game is like  knowing the rules of soccer — it doesn’t make you a good player just because you know the rules.

If you got to start over, what would you do differently?

I would lay lower. I would have been goofy Joey, but I would have laid so much lower and not made my strong female presence so known in the house.

You were very obviously shouting at the TV during the goodbye messages on the live show. Can you tell us what you were shouting?
Yes, yes, yes! I was just expressing to Caleb, “You know what? You’re dumb.” All I can say is, it’s hard because it’s a game, but at the same time you do take it personally because they saw me as a threat and they got rid of me. They did a good job getting rid of me. So, good for him. His alliance worked and mine did not. I’m at home, he’s not.

Who do you think is in the best position in the house right now?
I think Donny and Derrick are in really good places. Frankie, I think, will go to the end, maybe the last 5 or 4, but people will eventually start to turn on him. I think Donny and Derrick, because they’re just very neutral. Donny’s such a sweet guy, I hope Donny wins. That is just who Donny is, and I hope that he pulls through this and he can bring home $500,000.

Warning: Spoilers ahead if you’re not caught up on the live feeds

Have you heard about the other two members of Team America?
I haven’t watched the live feeds yet, I’ve just watched the episodes. I’m still acclimating to life a little bit. But who are they?

Derrick and Frankie are the other two.
Wow! You know what? I’m happy about that, but at the same time … I think Frankie got it — his sister is someone famous and that was a lot of pull for him. I’m happy that Derrick is, though. Derrick is a nice neutral player, he knows the game. He’s smart. I’m glad that Derrick got it, I’m not as glad that Frankie got it [laughs].

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