At 41, Shelly Moore is going to be the oldest “Big Brother” contestant this season, but she isn’t going to let that bother her. She’s a wife and a mother and a corporate executive who sees “Big Brother” as “an awesome human experiment.”

“I’m going to put myself in a situation with all the skills that I have with a pretty unique cast of characters, people from all different walks of life, and see if the real traits that I have I can use to get by and get to the end and win,” says Shelly. “And I think it’ll really show you a lot about yourself. What do I do good, what do I do not-so-good, am I too trusting, am I too sensitive, am I too loud, am I too intimidating, you look at all those things.”

We love her perspective on the game. We also like it that she wants to come back from the experience having made her daughter proud and having her name still intact.

“I think the people that get under my skin the most are egomaniacs, that are just all about being superstars and it’s all about TV … if people would realize it’s really 15 minutes of fame and that when it’s all said and done, you go back to being who you were before. You want to go back to who you were before and still have your name intact and have some class and dignity,” says Shelly.

As far as an alliance goes, Shelly knows she’ll have to let her guard down at least a little in order to find someone she can trust, someone who hopefully isn’t secretly “snowing” her.

“I think loyalty is amazing,” says Shelly. “They don’t want to be tied to each other every day because I think those alliances get caught quickly. I’d like to align with someone who is comfortable in their own skin and can go play and do their own thing.”

She also welcomes the twist aspect of the game, so won’t she be surprised when she’s joined by three pairs of former houseguests!

“I want the full experience o fall of it, the good, the bad, the ugly. Also, I think twists make you stay on your toes and make you think different,” says Shelly. “You can’t just get into the mind set where you just keep going, plodding along. I don’t want to be a plodder, I want to be a racehorse.”

And finally, as a married woman with a daughter, there will be no showmances for Shelly, which she thinks are crazy anyhow.

“I think it’s crazy. I think that they stop playing for themselves. It’s a three-month game. YOu can like them, you can meet up with them after the game, but don’t get caught up with them in the game. You lose sight of what you’re playing for,” Shelly says.

“Big Brother” premieres Thursday, July 7 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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