big love episode 5 5 preview 'Big Love' first look: Alby coins a new term for his disciplesLooking back on the first four seasons of “Big Love,” it’s really hard to imagine that Alby (Matt Ross) would be out-creeping himself this close to the end. But he’s still really taking it to extremes.

Having lost wife #1 and his sons to a women’s shelter, he’s out to get Bill (Bill Paxton) more than ever. The latest to join his recruits — he’s already brainwashed his mother Adaleen (Mary Kay Place) — is Verlan, Rhonda’s husband.

The nature of the bidding he’ll be doing is a mystery, but in this exclusive clip from the Feb. 13 episode, “The Special Relationship,” Alby and Verlan settle their arrangement over the exchange of cash and a glass of milk. What else does Verlan get for his service? An awesome title. Followers of the prophet Alby are hereby referred to as… Albyites.

Please never become one.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell