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Starting this week, the “Buzz” is about Nick Lachey.
The 98 Degrees music veteran and host of NBC’s “The Sing-Off” gets a weekday television slot when he starts presiding over the VH1 program “Big Morning Buzz Live” Monday, March 3. The show’s mix of interviews, performances and lifestyle segments strikes Lachey as a good fit … to the degree he’s relocating back to New York with wife Vanessa (“Dads”) and their 1-year-old son for the gig.
“I’ve always enjoyed the rush of live TV,” the pleasant Lachey tells Zap2it. “There’s that element of never knowing what’s going to happen and having to roll with the punches spontaneously, and you just can’t really get that energy anywhere else.”
Conversely, Lachey knows “if you take that live mentality and put it into a taped show, and something happens in a great way, you’ve got it captured. But when it’s live, the audience knows they’re getting it as it happens, and there’s an excitement and a freshness.”
Lachey has a resource close at hand: His wife has been a host of pageants and such programs as “Total Request Live” and — for one season ¬≠– “Wipeout,” plus an “Entertainment Tonight” correspondent.

“She’s a pro,” he says. “Coincidentally, she did ‘TRL’ in the same studio where we’re doing ‘Big Morning Buzz,’ so it’s kind of a full-circle moment for us. She’s someone I lean on quite a bit for advice.”
Being a talk show guest also has given Lachey a certain amount of prep. “It’ll be a challenge for me to sit in the other seat,” he allows, “but I hope I bring a sensibility, having been interviewed, of knowing what kind of interaction feels good and what works.”
“Big Morning Buzz” isn’t Lachey’s first association with VH1. Besides his music being played there, he’s involved in its Save the Music Foundation, which advocates for continuing music education in schools.
“I think VH1 has evolved,” he reflects. “It started out as a music channel, but over the years, it’s expanded to represent all of pop culture. That’s certainly what we’re going to focus on on ‘Big Morning Buzz.’ “
Posted by:Jay Bobbin