big time rv travel channel 'Big Time RV': Wait until you see the $1 million rolling party bus
Boasting a campground, a driving school and a restaurant, among other amenities, Lazydays of Tampa, Fla., is the largest dealer of recreational vehicles in the world.
Customers, many of them repeat buyers, come from all corners of the state to buy an RV — either outright or in trade — stay a few days, and then drive their new purchase home.
Salespeople wheel and deal to put their clients in the driver’s seat of the motor coach of their dreams, while the customization team caters to their every whim. Want a big-screen TV and sound system that you can enjoy under the fold-out awning? They can make that happen.
And then, of course, there’s the driving school, where newbies learn how to pilot these land yachts.

With so many possible story lines, Travel Channel saw a reality series in the making, and it comes to fruition Sunday, July 27, with the premiere of “Big Time RV.”
“I believe it’s part of the fabric of America,” says Patrick McManamee, an executive producer for Travel Channel, to Zap2it. “So whether or not you’ve ever been in an RV or maybe you’re not even kind of interested in an RV, there’s something about this that will appeal to you as an American, and I like that and I want to lean into that. And the lifestyle is fun — camping and fires and seeing amazing places. This is the Travel Channel, so location is very important and obviously travel is very important and RVs bring you both of those.”

The vehicles sold on the show are new and used and come in all price points, ranging from the $15,000 pop-up camper that a New Port Richey couple wants for family weekends, to the $1 million rolling palace a Sarasota businessman has in mind for a party bus.
“That’s one of the coolest things about this,” McManamee says, “is if you are into RVs even a little bit, you watch this show and you’re going to see a wide range. … The stuff they have today is insane. It’s great, with the little heated floors and all of that. So if you only have 15 grand and you want to get into the RV lifestyle, that’s a great way to do it. You get to see a bunch of those down there at this location.”
Posted by:George Dickie