rachel frederickson dolvett quince the biggest loser 'Biggest Loser' producers support Rachel Frederickson, Ruben Studdard says he's 'proud' of herDid Rachel Frederickson lose too much weight between her time filming “The Biggest Loser” and when she returned for the final weigh-in on finale night? That has been the question since she won the top prize during the live finale Monday (Feb. 4), with many viewers shocked at how thin she looked.

Producers are standing by Frederickson. In a statement to People, production company Shine America says, “We support Rachel and all of ‘The Biggest Loser’ contestants who
have shared their journeys over the past 15 seasons. We remain committed
to helping contestants achieve healthy weight loss and live healthier
lifestyles, and to inspiring viewers to do the same.”

However, an unnamed source says it isn’t quite as easy as that. Production knew how thin Rachel looked on finale night, according to one source. “Executives honestly thought that maybe she’d look okay and that no one would notice but people gasped.”

The trainers are remaining most or less mum. Both Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper have put statements on Facebook where they say they’re not comfortable commenting on Rachel’s journey because they were not her trainers. Frederickson’s trainer, Dolvett Quince (pictured with Rachel above), has not said anything about Frederickson’s weight loss so far.

Fellow contestant Ruben Studdard tells Extra that he’s proud of Frederickson. “‘The Biggest Loser’ is about making changes in your life, she has most
definitely done that … she had a lot of setbacks that made her turn
to food to cope with those things, and she’s been able to overcome
that, so I’m very proud of Rachel. I’m very proud of what she’s become,
she’s the ‘Biggest Loser’ winner, and that’s all I know,” says Studdard.

As for Frederickson herself, she tells Zap2it that there are no plans to gain back any weight. “I’m in maintenance mode, so it’s finding that balance,” she says. “I’m very fortunate that I’m at that point.”

What do you think, readers? Did Frederickson go too far?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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