biggest loser black team gains weight 320 'Biggest Loser': What'd you think of gain a palooza?

It was a red line week on “Biggest Loser: Couples” and you know what that means. Two people will be going home. The person who lost the least amount of weight would go home immediately. Then, the losing team would have to send home one of its own.
As a result of the double elimination, Marci convenes the Black team for a meeting with basically one purpose: To say that she would do anything to keep her daughter and the other young people on the ranch and to get a temperature on where the other two parents stood. That was a lot more clear-cut than she actually put it, by the way. Deni agrees quickly, but Jesse and Arthur could smell the blood in the water. We’re not going to lie. On several occasions, Jesse’s stubborn reactions to his teammates have rubbed us the wrong way. But in this case, we felt he had a reason to be a stubborn old goat.
He had every reason to be angry. It’s clear that if one of the moms left for being under the red line, he would be voted off next. So, he felt pretty angry at the assumption that he had to take one for the team, because of his age and that they even had to have this conversation in the first place – as if he wouldn’t do what was best for his son.
At the weigh-in, it was clear Marci and Deni went through with the plan. And in the end, Jesse’s weight gain proved he had to. So, Marci took a walk and then the team did exactly as Jesse and Arthur expected and eliminated Jesse in an emotional voting session.

While we see the point the Black team parents were making, we also think that a healthier and longer life for the older competitors only means that they’ll be around longer to enjoy the families they built and live a healthier life. The younger competitors have more time and opportunity to take what they’ve learned on the ranch and finish what they started at home.
Then, Moses on the Red team made a good point. He didn’t approve of the message the parents were sending their kids. He would rather they had taught their kids to fight to the bitter end for what they wanted and finish what they started. A valid point, no?

Would you have made the same decision the Black team parents did? Or would you have gone about it differently? What did you think of this week’s “gain-a-palooza”?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog