John-Rhode.jpg“The Biggest Loser” winner John Rhode lost a total of 220 pounds, or 49.44% of his body weight, going from 445 lbs to 225 lbs during the course of the show. That’s a pretty astounding feat, even with challenges and trainers like Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince.

His trainers expressed a fear that Rhode will gain it all back, something Rhode agrees is a possibility. In a media conference, Rhode said, “I am at risk, I’m frightened about that.” He said he wasn’t insulted by the very same sentiments being expressed by Harper and Quince. “I need to be aware of that… That’s a possibility.”

“Ultimately I
found out the person I trusted the least was myself,” he said after expressing how grateful he was to have spent time at the ranch. He said he was an addict. “Yeah, I’ve got a food
addiction and yeah, I could put the weight back on.”

He says he believes he can keep the weight off if he can “See food for what it is — see food as fuel.” “Food is not a reward,” he said. And this is exactly why this show has been on the air so long. It’s not about just doing something dramatic in front of the camera. It’s about teaching people to change their lives. So what’s next for Rhodes? He’s training for the LA Marathon. Not too shabby.

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