Three women were arrested Wednesday on charges of violating the “adult cabaret law” of Everett, Was., according to local TV affiliate KOMO. The women, employees of a Grab-N-Go coffee stand, serve as “bikini baristas.” The job is exactly what it sounds like, they make and serve coffee to customers, while wearing revealing bikinis.
The baristas, one of which is only 16 years old, were arrested after a two-month investigation that found them exposing themselves to customers, in exchange for money, without actually serving coffee. Kassi Carlson, a barista at the stand who wasn’t arrested, thinks police are specifically targeting their business, saying, “The cops are looking to try and shut down a lot of bikini stands because [of the] stigma behind them.”
Everett police officer Aaron Snell says that is not the case, insisting, “They were uncovering themselves and exposing themselves, which is completely different than the outfits they were wearing.”
This isn’t the first time Grab-N-Go has been in trouble. In 2010, five women were charged with prostitution, after another two-month undercover investigation. The woman, ranging in age from 18-24, were accused of engaging in sex acts, including licking whipped cream off of each other, in exchange for money.
Bill Wheeler, owner of the Grab-N-Go coffee stands says his company doesn’t stand for this kind of behavior, regardless of how his business is portrayed by the media. “I have a zero-tolerance-policy for any of this conduct.”
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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