MLK Day, the national celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.‘s birthday, is a time to reflect, a time to celebrate, a time to … take a nap?

Bill Clinton, who photobombed Kelly Clarkson during President Barack Obama‘s inauguration ceremony, also made Internet history on this day four years ago by sleeping through a service honoring Dr. King at Convent Avenue Baptist Church in Harlem, NY.

The New York Post got a hold of the video and posted it with the headline “Bill Has A ‘Dream.'” The video of the ex-president napping is just too good not to watch — over and over again.

As a clergyman speaks about the legacy of Dr. King, Clinton slumps over in his chair, falling asleep several times, waking up only to cup his hand behind his ear — as if straining to hear the compelling speech– or nod along, as if he fervently endorses its content.

Guess they didn’t call him “Slick Willie” for nothing.

Posted by:mchance