ann coulter bill maher Bill Maher, Ann Coulter and Chaz Bono go head to head to head on 'Real Time'Now here’s a way to start the weekend out on a fun note.

Bill Maher assembled a particularly eclectic panel for the July 8 of “Real Time,” including Ann Coulter, Chris Hayes, Amanda Foreman and Chaz Bono.

As if watching Coulter and Maher exchange barbs wasn’t a treat in and of itself, the addition of Sonny and Cher‘s transgendered son made things particularly exciting.

Conversation remained remarkably civilized, though — even when the topic turned to Fox News contributor/psychiatrist Keith Ablow labeling Maher anti-woman and more-or-less calling him crazy.

We did get a gem from Coulter, though. Apparently a belief in a god and the need for therapy are mutually exclusive. (Take that, depressed churchgoers!)

Mediaite was kind enough to post the spicier portion of the panel, which you can watch in full below:

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell