taio cruz british Billboard Music Awards 2011 winner Taio Cruz is British? Dy no mite!

Topping the list of things we did not know before watching May 22nd’s Billboard Music Awards: Taio Cruz is apparently British.

Yes, after three hit singles from the past year — “Dynamite,” “Higher” and “Breaking Your Heart,” if you’re counting — we had absolutely no idea that Cruz was from across the pond.

So when the singer took the stage at the awards in Las Vegas, we were mighty surprised to hear him accept the honor of “song of the year” in a fancy, schmancy British accent.

Turns out the singer was born in London, in 1983, to a Nigerian father and Brazilian mother. He enjoyed a successful career in his home country before becoming a hit in the United States in 2010.

We’re feeling especially lame right about now, Anglophiles that we are, and considering he recently dueted with British fave Kylie Minogue (an Aussie herself) for a remix of “Higher,” we clearly should have know.

Get your Cruz on. And don’t judge us.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell