billy campbell delirium Billy Campbell joins FOX's 'Delirium' as love killing villainBilly Campbell‘s run of playing authority figures who creep you out is continuing: He’ll be playing the bad guy in FOX’s drama pilot “Delirium.”

Campbell, who’s coming off “The Killing,” will play Thomas Fineman in the pilot, written by Karyn Usher (“Prison Break”) and based on a novel by Lauren Oliver. The pilot has already cast Emma Roberts in the lead role of Lena.

“Delirium” is set in a world where love, known as “deliria,” is considered a disease that people are “cured” of when they turn 18. Three months before her operation, Lena meets and falls in love with a guy named Alex, putting both of them in danger. Campbell’s character is the leader of a group called Deliria Free America, which touts the benefits of a loveless society. He’s also a bit of a rageaholic.

Campbell’s role in “Delirium” is the latest in a series of parts where he’s played powerful men who have something … off. In addition to his flawed city councilman on “The Killing,” Campbell played Jordan Collier in “The 4400.” His credits also include playing a serial killer (Ted Bundy in the TV movie “The Stranger Beside Me”) and Abraham Lincoln (in NatGeo’s upcoming “Killing Lincoln”).

Posted by:Rick Porter