the view billy ray cyrus abc Billy Ray Cyrus blames himself: Should he have spanked his kids?

Billy Ray Cyrus seems to be taking much of the blame when he appeared on Friday’s (March 18) “The View” after previously canceling when his GQ interview surfaced in which he states that Disney’s “Hannah Montana” tore his family apart. 
And it appears that while he now denies that the show is the cause of their problems, he has called off the divorce and his family is “the best it’s ever been,” he’s carrying a lot of guilt.
“I did that interview in December and I was out of control,” he says on the show. “It was a dark mess, a storm like you’ve never seen in your life. Going into Christmas, alone in Tennessee, looking at the lawyers and divorce papers and my family falling apart and all this stuff. And here’s GQ knocking on the door with a film crew.”
He then adds, “I did learn this. Doing an interview when you’re mad and scared is a whole lot like going to the grocery store when you’re hungry. It’s not a good idea.”

We actually started feeling bad for the poor guy. He’s really beating himself up over how out of control his daughter, Miley Cyrus, has gotten.
“I did try to be a friend,” he admits. “I tried to be a dad, too. I look back on it and say, dang, I sure ain’t perfect, I wish there were a manual on how to be the perfect dad, but I think that what’s most obvious if there is, I didn’t read it, because I’ve made a lot of mistakes.”

If there were a manual, Cyrus would probably go to the chapter on corporal punishment. “I could never spank my kids,” he wonders aloud. “I couldn’t hit my kids. I look back at it and think, maybe I should… I don’t know.” 
The co-hosts assured him that it’s good that he didn’t spank his children, but we wonder what form of discipline, if any, he did give his kids? Do you think he should be so hard on himself?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog